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Photos reveal: This is how 25-year-old Jere Hämälainen was killed


The accused burnt the dead body and dumped the remains of the dead body on the ground.

Preliminary investigation materials released on Tuesday show that 25-year-old Jere Hämälinen was killed with a spade on June 14, 2022, in a private apartment in Warkau.

The prosecutor demands an unconditional prison sentence for the perpetrator for the murder of Hamelinen. The accused pleads guilty to assault and murder committed in exaggeration of emergency security.

A few days before the bloodshed, Hämälainen had traveled from Helsinki to Varkau, where he lived with a woman.

There was bloodshed in this apartment.

There was bloodshed in this apartment. Photo: preliminary investigation material

Apart from the woman, Hamalinan and the accused, there was also a man in the apartment on the day of the crime. They spent the evening together.

According to preliminary investigation, narcotics were involved in the party. However, the neighbors did not hear any sound of argument from the apartment. The TV was on and music was playing in the background.

Hamalinan and the accused were sitting next to each other on the sofa. According to the preliminary investigation, the man suddenly and unexpectedly struck Hamalis with a campaign ax at least twice on the shoulder, neck or head. According to the suspect, the beating only stopped when Hämälainen fell to the floor and was unable to move. According to the police, Hemelinen had no chance to defend himself.

an instrument of art.

an instrument of art. Photo: preliminary investigation material

The men and women present in the apartment ran away, after shedding blood the accused also left the apartment. Hamalinen was still alive at that time. However, as per the preliminary investigation, he has not been able to shout or otherwise alert himself for help or to leave the apartment. He later died of his injuries.

A day after the incident, the accused returned home. At that point, the accused looked and realized that Hamaleen was dead. According to what he said, the man thought for a couple of days what he would do with the body. The man even thought of reporting the matter to the police, but finally found another solution.

The accused took an empty dustbin from the housing company’s yard and tried to dump Humalainen there. however, it was not successful.

Jere Hämälinen's blood was found in the garbage bin.

Jere Hämälinen’s blood was found in the garbage bin. Photo: preliminary investigation material

The man also cleaned and repaired the apartment, and tried to remove traces of blood from it. However, in a subsequent police investigation, blood belonging to Hämälainen and his DNA were found in the apartment.

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A few days later, the accused took a van in which he placed Hamalinan’s body. He wrapped the body in the mattress of the bed and tarred it with a shaft cloth.

The accused moved Hamelin's body along with this car.

The accused moved Hamelin’s body along with this car. Photo: preliminary investigation material

The accused went to a sand pit in Heenavedi and left the charred body there. The accused also burnt the movable property taken from the fake apartment in a cabin. The hiking ax used in the act was found in the lake.

The movable property taken from the fake apartment was burned in the yard of one of the huts.

The movable property taken from the fake apartment was burned in the yard of one of the huts. Photo: preliminary investigation material

Police arrested the accused on September 2, 2022 at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport when he was leaving for Spain. A few days later he showed the police where the body was found.

The actual motive for the act was not disclosed. However, the accused claimed that the act was preceded by some kind of dispute, and that Hämälainen had made a threat in some way.

– There was an argument about something and I remember saying to Jere that “we can play chess, so you’re in the south and I’m in Varkaus.” Jere replied “we’ll get you a ticket to Spain” and then he attacked me. This game of chess is meant to be an argument where it is good for both to keep their distance. The accused told the police that from the one-way ticket to Spain, I understood that I would be killed, that is, I would lose, that is, I had gone somewhere far away.

The proceedings in the case began on Tuesday at the Pohojis-Savo district court. The court will give its verdict in this matter later.

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