Friday, December 8, 2023

Podcast: Rosanna Kulju’s relationship ends – now open the reasons for the breakup


Rosanna Kulju talks about her emotional breakup in a podcast.

Media personality Rosanna Kulju opened up about her recent divorce on her Pimpihimo podcast.

Kulju says the relationship ended before she left for the shooting of the program “Survivors Suomi”, from which Kulju returned last week. According to him, the separation was done in good spirit. The former partner is not in the public eye.

– I can’t think of anything bad to say about this guy, he tells his co-host Pirita Hagamani.

According to Kulju, different goals in life became the reason for the breakup. He says that there was incredible chemistry and a lot of love in their relationship. Kulju had earlier opened up about her childhood dreams on Instagram.

– Although there has been a lot of thought on both sides, we lead such different lives.

The relationship ended by mutual consent. Kulju says he feels he has failed.

Kulju emotionally says in the podcast – It is a brave thing for both of us to know how to stop, because we cannot please each other.

Really sad, but that’s just life. I don’t want to give up on my big dreams, and I don’t want to ask someone I care about to give up on theirs.

According to Kulju, he was last single 4-5 years ago. The coming summer is necessary for him. He promises that there will be a hot girl summer, that is, a wild summer.

– I can’t even remember what it would be like to leave the bar with a friend! Kulju reflects on the podcast.

Kulju had opened up about her previous breakup on Instagram a year back in May.

We just broke up a while back. Other than that there is no drama involved in the breakup and I am grateful for everything we achieved together. Sometimes life happens and love just isn’t enough, no matter how much I want to believe it,’ Kulju says on Instagram.

Shortly after the breakup news broke, Kulju also opened up about her unfulfilled dreams of having children on social media. He started writing about something that bothers him and touches him every day.

– To those who say ‘you are not in a hurry’ when I tell you that I have dreamed of a life partner and a child, Kulju wrote in relation to an Instagram photo published by her.

– This has been a dream of mine for years and now it rears its head even more when I thought that last relationship was the one where everything would come true.

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