Friday, June 2, 2023

Report: Finland should be cautious about NATO’s nuclear weapons exercises


In a recent report, it has been recommended that Finland does not drop its ban on the import, manufacture, possession and detonation of nuclear explosives.

Finland should take a cautious approach to NATO’s nuclear weapons exercises and participation in them, outlines a monitoring group dealing with the issue of nuclear weapons in its recent report.

Finland’s participation in nuclear weapons strike training is not recommended. It is also not recommended that the exercise be allowed in Finnish airspace. According to the monitoring group, NATO’s conventional armed forces have sufficient capability to repel attacks.

Furthermore, the report recommended that Finland not abandon the ban on the import, manufacture, possession and detonation of nuclear explosives. Finland’s entry into NATO does not require the prohibitions in the Nuclear Energy Act to be changed.

According to the report, Finland could strengthen legal restrictions with political declarations and resolutions in a similar way that Iceland has done. In such a situation, it can be emphasized that nuclear weapons should not be imported under any circumstances.

The monitoring group’s task is to assess the role of nuclear weapons and the associated security risks for Finland as a NATO member. Members of the monitoring group that conduct an independent assessment of nuclear weapons issues include Erkki Tuomioja (SD), an expert on political history, and a researcher at the Aleksanteri Institute and the National Defense University.

The goal is to remove all nuclear weapons from immediate launch readiness

According to the report, nuclear weapons will inevitably become part of Finland’s security policy. However, according to the monitoring group, it is up to Finland whether it supports or participates in NATO’s deterrence policy based on nuclear weapons.

The Monitoring Group recommends Finland to promote discussions about the risks associated with the use of nuclear weapons and how to reduce those risks more widely within NATO. According to the report, Finland should also try to promote NATO’s policy of no first use of nuclear weapons.

Furthermore, according to the monitoring group, Finland should aim to immediately remove all nuclear weapons from launch readiness.

Finland’s long-term goal has been to promote nuclear disarmament. According to the Monitoring Group, Finland should not give up on this goal with NATO membership.

According to the report, Finland should continue to have an open attitude towards the Nuclear Ban Treaty and participate in its meetings as an observer.

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