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Sanna Marin, who is awarded an honorary doctorate, may continue such a group: with an actress and a pop star


Four honorary doctorates will be awarded Wednesday at a New York University commencement ceremony and Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin will address the audience.

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Sanna Marini (SD), Prime Minister of the Ministry of Transportation, will be awarded an Honorary Doctorate of New York University (NYU) at a promotion ceremony on Wednesday, which will be held at the traditional Yankee Stadium from early evening Finnish time. ,

Marin will deliver a speech at the ceremony on behalf of all honorary doctorate recipients. With her speech, Marin joined a renowned group of honorary doctors from years past. Last year, one of the world’s hottest pop stars, singer-songwriter Taylor Swift, received the same honour.

Taylor Swift at last year's festival.

Taylor Swift at last year’s festival. Photo: Shannon Stapleton / Reuters

The list of past speakers includes many top politicians such as Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (2018), current US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen (2014), former President Bill Clinton (2011) and her husband, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (2009) . ,

Hillary Clinton gave a speech in 2009.

Hillary Clinton gave a speech in 2009. Photo: Mike Sager / Reuters

In addition to notable scientists, New York University has awarded honorary doctorates over the years to many people of merit in the field of culture. Musician-producer Pharrell Williams (2017) and actor Alec Baldwin (2010) have spoken about her at the event, among others.

In addition to Marin on Wednesday, honorary doctorates were awarded to Nobel Prize in Chemistry winner Carolyn Bertozzi, dancer Misty Copeland and former University of Maryland President Freeman A. Hrabowski will also be awarded.

NYU President Andrew Hamilton described this year’s honorary doctorates as “a group of extraordinary individuals, all at the forefront of their fields.”

Marin’s merits include becoming the world’s youngest prime minister, Finland’s longest-serving female prime minister, leadership during the coronavirus pandemic, promoting Finland’s NATO membership, and helping Russia in Ukraine, according to a university press release. Listed as staunchly opposed to the war. , It is recalled that he was also the first university student in his family.

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