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Students in New York commented on Sanna Marini’s speech: “She’s a tough mummy!”


Newly graduated students tell what thoughts Sanna Marin’s speech evoked in them.

New York, United States

Editorial Ministry Prime Minister Sanna Marin (SD) was inaugurated as an Honorary Doctorate of New York University (NYU) on Wednesday. Marin gave a speech in front of about 30,000 people at Yankee Stadium on behalf of everyone getting married in New York.

Marin stressed the importance of change in his speech. He encouraged the young graduates to work for the betterment of the world. Marin listed global challenges that needed solutions, such as climate change. He also talked a lot about the importance of equality.

Barbara, who graduated with a master’s degree in French studies, says she was really happy that it was Sanna Marin who was the speaker at the graduation ceremony.

The speech was really impressive. Its themes touched me, says Barbara.

He had not heard of Marin until he was told that he would be a speaker at the event. After that, Barbara got to know Marin and started following her on Facebook.

– Marin is very cool. He is a great role model. That’s a really tough mime!

Photo: Kirsi Jaaskelenen

Many found Marini’s speech most inspiring.

– The speech was inspirational because it really encouraged us to make an impact. Other speeches were more general, says Lauren.

Photo: Kirsi Jaaskelenen

– He has a very impressive manner of speaking and demeanor, Sonya, who praised the bachelor of communications.

– I particularly enjoyed the part of the speech commenting on the development of technology. I am interested in artificial intelligence, so that part of the speech impresses me, says Tashi, who graduated in graphic design.

– I appreciate that he traveled all the way here to give us a speech.

Photo: Kirsi Jaaskelenen

Camille already knew who Sanna Marin was. He thought Marin’s speech was impressive.

– It’s great to hear from his perspective, because he’s so young and at the top of his power. In the United States, politicians are usually very old, says Camille, even the president is 80 years old.

– I think it would be great to visit Finland sometime.

Photo: Kirsi Jaaskelenen

Michael says Marin’s speech was a necessary reminder of the challenges facing the world and the younger generation.

– He reminded us of important things, says Michael.

Photo: Kirsi Jaaskelenen

But there are some in front of the stadium who didn’t seem impressed by Marin’s speech. Friends Henry, Jeremy, Robert and Lisa bask in the aftermath of a graduation party.

When you ask him his opinion on Marin’s speech, the answer is confused silence. And some laughed.

– He said something about gender equality… says Henry.

– I think the most important thing in the speech was that you can be a leader in your own way. So was he the president? Jeremy asks.

– Not when the prime minister does it, boy.

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