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The rapper spoke directly to the radio about his financial affairs – “I ain’t got a dime from it yet”


Karija, who visited Emulipsi and Yale, said that he would not go to the Eurovision Song Contest again.

Karija, who represents Finland in the Eurovision Song Contest, has had a tough few weeks. Käärijä, aka ​​Jere Pöyhönen, who returned home from a five-day binge in Liverpool on Sunday, visited Suomipop’s Aamulypsy and Yle’s Morning TV on Wednesday morning to share his news.

– I’m doing well, but I’m tired, said Karija at morning milking.

– How acidic was that whole thing? Juuso Mäkilähde asked him.

It was a very overwhelming experience for me mentally. In training and cooking, things don’t always go the way you think. Because of them, it did not always work at full strength. I wouldn’t go again, shall we say so. But it was great, Karija told about the wise men.

Morning Milking brought up, among other things, the success of Carrizon’s Cha Cha Cha on Spotify, and how it’s reflected in Carrizon’s money bag.

Cha Cha Cha reached the top ten on Spotify’s World Top 50 list.

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– We thought that maybe the money hasn’t reached you yet and there will be a lot of expenses? Makilahde said.

Even though the shows have increased now, the cost has also increased. I’ve had to think a little bit about the job of manager and guitarist and technician at the fair. Sometimes you even have to pay for an overnight stay, says Karija, so yes, there are costs involved.

He says that the success of Cha Cha Cha has not fetched him a huge amount yet.

– If there is a certain amount on the price tag, it does not mean that it will end up in my pocket. It seems like people think way too much of it, that they paid way too much for it, so it makes a ton. They don’t know the whole truth.

– I haven’t got a penny from it yet, but I will. It’s not always about the money either, but now I’m beginning to feel that mental health is at stake here, Karija told Amyulipsy.

He joked that his goal is to retire at 35.

– I take my hat off to the creators who are able to press out there. We’ll see how long this flight lasts, hopefully as long as possible.

Appearing on Yale’s Morning TV Wednesday morning after morning milking, Karija said the past few weeks have been very busy. Five years after the finals, he has focused on relaxing and seeing his friends and family.

On Saturday, they have a show at the Helsinki Ice Hall’s Black Box. After that, Karija plans to take a vacation.

– I have to go on holiday on Sunday. I miss my time and peace, he said from Yale.

The Eurovision Song Contest made the song Karija and Cha Cha Cha a phenomenon. Karija said on Yale’s Morning TV that she doesn’t think the massive popularity has changed her as a person.

– I’m the same man I was when I left UMK, he laughed.

However, the rotation has been done in such a way that some breathing is still going on.

– My mind and body have become rigid. He thought that some measures would have to be taken to keep Vishal in good condition.

The atmosphere was celebratory when Karija reached Finland on Sunday.

The atmosphere was celebratory when Karija reached Finland on Sunday. Photo: Kimmo Pantinen / Lehtikuva

He said he enjoyed the high fives, but the fatigue started to get the better of him in the last few days before the final.

It was quite hectic and at times a bit frustrating. On the other hand, I really enjoyed it, I wouldn’t change anything. The remaining four, three days it started to feel like I was packing up the F1 sheets and going home. It was fun and good, he summed up.

After the final, Eurovision’s laundry has been diligently washed both on social media and in the media of various countries. The rapper overwhelmingly won the public vote, but Sweden’s Lorraine won the Eurovision Song Contest thanks to the judges’ vote.

In Yael’s interview, it was revealed that this caused surprise and anger among Visu fans. The rapper said that nothing left him in his teeth about the end result, but he was glad that the topic was being discussed.

– It is very good that this has happened because perhaps now some change may awaken in the minds of the sages, he said.

– It struck me, but I’m not going to argue about it. The rules are same for all. Lorraine was a top person and I don’t regret at all that he took care of the job, Karija insisted.

The applicant was asked whether he/she is interested in an international career after the success of the visa. The artiste said that a huge number of gig requests have come in.

– 70 gig requests have come in from Europe and elsewhere. I have almost completed the year. I have to make sure I don’t burn myself.

– Micah’s people have to take leave. My mental health is now an a’s and o’s.

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