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There’s a lot going on in the World Cup! Kiekkolitto denies big problems on the Nokia field – now the arena champion has been silenced


According to the IIHF, the ice at the Nokia Arena is in better condition this year than at last year’s World Cup.


On the first day of the Ice Hockey World Championships in Tampere, a recurring topic of conversation has been the ice conditions.

Sweden’s head coach Sam Hallam was concerned about how the snow would hold up, especially in evening games. Concern about the snow conditions was also shared by Legioni forward Valtteri Marella, who played in Tappara last season, who said the snow was worse than in league games.

– Now the snow has become soft and quickly turns into porridge. Marella said that the difference was obvious during the league season.

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The person in charge would probably be the best person to tell about the ice conditions, i.e. in this case the veteran arena master Eric Salmela of Nokia Arena?

No, if you ask the IIHF.

After contacting the arena master, Hena Malmberg, communications manager of the Finnish Ice Hockey Federation, is requested to send questions to the IIHF by e-mail. In such a situation, we cannot talk about the interview.

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According to the IIHF, teams have not expressed concerns about the quality of the ice – in fact, the ice has been described as even better than last year’s World Cup.

World Cup Secretary General Heikki Hitenen echoed the same sentiment on Wednesday.

– Regarding the ice conditions, our view is that the ice is in good condition during training and games, Hitenen told STT.

Perhaps the discussion has become bigger than the issue here.

The association says that it monitors the snow conditions on a daily basis with the organizing committee and the ice master at all its events.

According to the IIHF, ice is saved on game days by the fact that practices are restricted to the mornings of the playing teams only, and other teams practice in the arena’s training hall.

However, this is not true. The Lions practiced at the main arena on Tuesday, even though it was a break.

In the stands of the arena, many have noticed that the temperature feels markedly cooler than in league matches. At the time, you could easily get by without a jacket in the stand, now it would require bracing.

Although according to IIHF the temperature is the same as before.

— It’s warmer outside than a normal hockey season, and the difference in normal temperatures makes it feel colder, writes the IIHF.

Why was the Akhara Master not allowed to answer the questions himself?

– We haven’t stopped him from talking to the media, the IIHF denies.

– The Organizing Committee was of the opinion that it would be better for the IIHF to answer these questions after they have been in contact with the teams and IIHF meteorologists regarding potential ice problems.

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