Friday, December 8, 2023

Tough talks on immigration begin – Purra: Next week we’ll be in real action


The challenges of the Sote table have been described as “massively large”.

According to board member, Peteri Orpo (Koc), there will be “difficult talks” in the week and next, when difficult issues will need to be resolved.

We are now preparing for a decisive dialogue with the best possible information and information gathering, Orpo said at the press conference.

About 900 experts have already been consulted in the Board’s deliberations.

The presidents of the parties participating in the government talks met on Wednesday with representatives of parties from all reform tables to get an overall picture of the talks. Orpo estimates that negotiations are now about halfway through in terms of workload.

According to Orpo, all negotiating groups believe that things can be resolved. Tough questions include the economy, energy and climate policy, Social Security and immigration.

On the other hand, for example, we are already too far apart at the table on foreign and security policy, EU policy and cultural policy, as well as development and entrepreneurship.

Regarding immigration, the hearings have started, and according to Rikka Pura, president of Basic Finns, we will take real action next week.

– So to speak, the acceleration phase is underway, Orpo interrupted.

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According to Orpo, the challenges with regard to wars are indeed great.

As far as Sote is concerned, the biggest problem is that the set of problems is so large.

KD’s president, Sari Nisbandah, characterized the challenges of the Sote table as “massively large”.

The Sote Group is looking for solutions to affect the long queues for care in the short term and the crisis in services for the elderly. At the same time, Social Security reform must be pursued.

According to Purra, the control of health and social care costs is a common goal of the parties in the negotiations. In any case, Social Security costs would increase by 4.5 billion, but according to Orpo, we should be able to manage with that money. The Sote table is looking for ways to survive with the amount in question, but according to Orpo, there are differing views regarding the means.

– Whether the national economy rises or falls with it, how do we get health and safety solutions to the finish line so that costs can be controlled, Essayah said.

Sote’s share is a quarter of the state budget.

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