Thursday, October 5, 2023

Viewer recognizes girl he saw on Netflix – disappearance mystery solved years later


In 2017, following a custody dispute, the girl who was abducted by her mother was found after six years.

Nine-year-old Kayla went missing with her mother in the suburbs of Chicago, USA in July 2017 amid US Independence Day celebrations.

Hearing was going on in the court regarding the custody of the girl, which was going to continue the next day.

Kayla’s disappearance became widely publicized in November when the Netflix documentary series Unsolved Mysteries told the girl’s story and released her photo.

Last Saturday, a salesperson at a used clothing store in North Carolina recognized Kayla from someone she saw on Netflix. According to the Washington Post, he called the police.

The girl has been returned to her father, according to Illinois state prosecutors, who say he is “overjoyed” to have his now 15-year-old daughter back.

The 40-year-old mother of the child has been accused of child-lifting. He has been arrested.

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