Friday, June 2, 2023

When will immigration issues be brought to the table in Satitalo? here are the details


Board talks have been held for the third week, and we’ll probably have to wait until mid-June for a finished product.

The most difficult issues have not even been discussed in government negotiations so far.

Speaker Rikka Purra (PS) said in the morning that talks on immigration issues have been very weak.

Immigration is discussed in two groups. The group dealing with issues of the Ministry of Labor and Economy deals with work-related immigration, and the group dealing with issues of the Ministry of Internal Administrative Region deals with humanitarian immigration.

According to IS information, experts on humanitarian immigration are still being consulted and talks will only start next week. Work-based immigration is barely discussed at the second negotiating table.

Other labor market issues are also discussed in the same table of TEMs. To the best of IS’s knowledge, the group has not gone beyond the tree on cuts/categorization of unemployment insurance related to earnings or local agreements – issues that are considered difficult. More local agreements related to merit are in the pipeline, so to speak, and should come to the table for negotiations over the next few days.

The parties are careful not to reveal their cards in the negotiations.

For example, tax issues have been discussed a lot on the economic side. To the best of IS’s knowledge, the coalition has not stated its position on the tax cuts. In its election campaign, the coalition insisted on a one billion income tax cut for all, with the other parties not supporting large income tax cuts.

Although the Ministry of Interior/Ministry of Justice group has made no progress on the immigration issue at all, it has made great progress on some issues. For example, according to IS information, the police, rescue operations and alarm operations in question are already almost being processed.

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