Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Wilma’s message about power monitoring didn’t help either: police removed license plates from 26 mopeds in Ostrobothnia


Police will be monitoring moped riders across the country this coming weekend.

17.5. 20:45

During surveillance of moped demonstrations held in southern and central Ostrobothnia, police found 11 mopeds that had been converted into motorcycles. Police ordered moped drivers to be temporarily banned from driving and fined.

The two mopeds were tuned to run in excess of 90 kmph.

Police fined a moped driver for gross negligence because he was showing off.

In addition, a moped stolen from a driving school was found during the surveillance.

Police removed license plates from a total of 26 mopeds during surveillance.

The surveillance attack may not have been entirely surprising, as police informed school children and parents about the surveillance with the Wilma message.

– It is very worrying and sad that there are so many illegal mopeds in traffic despite advance notice, says Jan Kangas, Chief Commissioner of the Ostrobothnia Police Department.

Police on Tuesday intensified surveillance of moped riders in the provinces of southern and central Ostrobothnia. Lightning monitoring was organized last week in the province of Ostrobothnia.

Ostrobothnia Police will continue to monitor mopeds around schools in its domain. This coming weekend, the police will organize a nationwide vigil.

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