Thursday, October 5, 2023

13-year-old Swedish prospect hits a shocking ace live


Promising CS player Liam “MaiL09” Tugel showed off his skills with an extremely quick 1vs5 win.

Sweden’s Liam “MaiL09” Tugel is expected to be the country’s next Counter-Strike star. The youngster recently showed in his stream why it’s good to keep the name in mind.

In his broadcast, the 13-year-old Tugel won the 1vs5 situation, scoring an ace against all expectations. Transported to a difficult spot on the Vertigo map, Tugel used his Desert Eagle pistol to quickly kill the opposing special forces players one by one. Four of the five murders were committed by a single shot to the head.

Video of the chilling performance has been shared by, among others, ESL, CS’s biggest tournament organizer:

Tugel has been predicted to become one of the stars of Sweden’s next wave. His extraordinary talent was already reported in Sweden in the spring of 2021, when the then 11-year-old Tuggal dazzled in pajamas at a talent search event organized by Swedish giant Ninjas.

At the time, NiPi’s talent scout Fredrik “Jägern” Andersson, a former professional player, praised the Swedish youth’s talent. Already in the spring of 2021, Andersen praised Tugel’s goal and communication skills during games.

Tugel currently plays for Lilmix Kaja, the academy team of the Swedish Lilmix organization.

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The 13-year-old actively pursues top-level CS. At least he’s supporting the Bad News Eagle team:

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