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20 people were killed when a limousine crashed in a parking lot – the company manager was found guilty


In 2018, a total of 20 people were killed when a limousine crashed into a roadside restaurant parking lot in New York state.

In the United States, the manager of a limousine company has been indicted in connection with a devastating limousine accident in New York State in 2018.

It was found that the man was guilty of crimes, which in the Finnish legal system are punishable by death. Nauman Hussain was found guilty of a total of 20 murders. He could be jailed for up to 15 years. The verdict is to be read out on May 31.

A total of 20 people were killed when a limousine from his company crashed at high speed into the parking lot of a roadside restaurant in Schoharie County, near the state capital Albany.

The limousine crash that occurred in October 2018 is one of the deadliest road traffic accidents in the United States in the past two decades.

All 17 passengers in the limousine and the driver of the vehicle were killed. Apart from this, two people riding in the parking lot died in the accident.

According to the New York Times, a 2020 National Transportation Safety Board report found that the limousine’s braking system had stopped working. As a result, the vehicle rolled down a long hill into a valley and reached a speed of over 160 kmph when it reached the intersection.

According to the newspaper, the driver had managed to escape from a car. However, the limousine accelerated through the intersection and collided with an SUV, which in turn hit two pedestrians, who were killed.

After that, the limousine plunged into a shallow ravine next to the restaurant, finally stopping on an embankment.

The investigation revealed that the limousine had not passed inspection, and the driver did not have the necessary permits to use the vehicle. This car belonged to Prestige Limousine Company.

According to the New York Times, there was a strange turn during the investigation after the accident. The investigation revealed that the owner of the limousine company, 62-year-old Shaheed Hussain, was a longtime source of information for the FBI.

At the time of the accident, Bade Hussain was in Pakistan due to health problems. He has not returned to the United States since.

Instead, Nauman Hussain, 33, who runs the company with his father, was arrested soon after the incident.

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