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7 Lengthening Mascaras To The Test! Even two got a full 5/5: “The perfect lash has been found”


We put a bunch of eyelash extensions to the test.

is moderately long and thick

Madara Come Closer Infinite Lash, 27,90 €

Rating: 3½/5

The promise: Mascara containing peptides thickens, lengthens and separates lashes, creating a natural, timeless and elegant look. Peptides build volume and natural waxes guarantee even application and durability. The layerable mascara contains organic castor oil, which nourishes, cares and strengthens lashes with use. Vegetarian.


A one button option for those looking for a natural end result.

Experience: Now the brush has density and a pretty nice shape. You can already tell from the looks that you can’t make dumplings out of this, no matter how hard you try. Ripsari promises natural results – and delivers. Nevertheless, there is also a long and plentiful effect, so breastfeeding is not entirely in vain. However, this mascara may divide opinions: For those looking for a natural result, it’s a go-to option, but for those who prefer a fuller look, its staying power may not be enough. A slight curling is also noticeable during the day, but the eyelashes remain in good condition even late in the evening.

a basic extender

Max Factor Masterpiece 2in1 Lash Wow Mascara, 17,90 €

Rating: 3/5

The promise: Mascara with a convertible twistable brush to achieve lengthening, curling and volumizing effects. By twisting the cap, you can either separate lashes and make them very long, or thicken and lift them. Formula enriched with collagen and keratin cares for lashes. Also suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. Vegetarian.


Spreads fairly easily and cures reasonably well.

The Experience: There is a part at the end of the brush which can be adjusted by twisting the density of the eyelash brush. Less often it is long, more often it is thickened. My opinion about the feature: Unnecessary and a bit poorly functioning. But this does not spoil the eyelashes. It takes a bit of concentration to apply the lashes properly, but if you wait long enough, you’ll end up with a clump-free end result. Spreads fairly easily and cures reasonably well.

first winner

Yves Rocher Intense Metamorphose Mascara, 24,90 €

Rating: 5/5

The Promise: Gives maximum volume and beautifully curled and lengthened lashes for 24 hours. The soft, hourglass-shaped fiber brush reaches all over the lashes from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner for a volume and deep black result. Contains 85 percent ingredients of natural origin, such as castor oil and gentle cornflower water. Suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.


Make sure I’ve got the right whip.

Feel: Thickness, length and uniqueness – all in fine and balance. After the first use, I am sure that I have found the right whip. I think eyelashes have two essential things: a good brush and a suitable moist texture. Both are fine here. The brush is a basic model, and the kajal is not very wet, but okay, it gives good volume and length, but doesn’t make a mess. A pleasant surprise is also the durability of the lashes, as the lashes are flawless even at the end of a long day.

sustainable natural cosmetics

Lavera Endless Lashes Mascara, €21.90

Rating: 2½/5

The Promise: Adds volume and impressive length to lashes. Contains organic jojoba oil that cares for lashes and plant-based keratin that leaves lashes feeling stronger. The long bristles of the hourglass-shaped brush easily reach outer lashes, and the short bristles bring out volume from base to tip without clumping. Vegetarian.


You might not guess it as natural cosmetics: Mascara stays on really nice and clean all day long.

Experience: A thin plastic brush distributes the coloring mass liberally, and there is a slight mess on the side. Beautiful long lashes will finally come with this mascara. Although, for my taste, the product should have been more discreet, now the eyelashes are threatening to flake off a bit. You might not guess it as natural cosmetics, because the mascara stays on really nice and clean all day long.

versatile mascara

L’Oréal Paris Pro XXL Extension Mascara Black, 21,50 €

Rating: 4/5

The Promise: Provides a lash-lengthening effect in two steps. Step 1 covers lashes with a black base formula that captures even the tiniest of lashes and emphasizes the effect of the next step. Step 2 emphasizes lashes and adds length in just one application. The composition contains fibers and it lengthens the eyelashes in an instant.


The end result is beautiful and lump-free.

The Experience: Two-Stage Lashes – Not an option for the lazy or the busy. With the second brush, certain types of fibers are clearly applied to the eyelashes. Even the first stage does its job so well that the second stage is not entirely necessary. Overall the lashes will be pretty awesome. However, if the length is not emphasized too much, the eyelash becomes too thick and separated. The end result is beautiful and lump-free. Fiber lashes usually curl a bit on my lashes, so does this, but otherwise the lash goes away even in a drizzle.

false eyelashes

Beautyact Daring Length Impact Mascara, 17,90 €

Rating: 3/5

The Promise: Provides maximum length to lashes while separating them without making them feel heavy. The color is easy to apply, as the brush keeps the mascara from clumping and spreading. The highly pigmented formula gives lashes an intense black tint that makes them look longer, fuller, more voluminous and makes them last longer. It contains caring ingredients that nourish the eyelashes. Vegetarian.


Lasts well, but can be washed off more easily.

Experience: I am not a fan of plastic brushes for eyelashes, as they seem annoyingly pointy. However, the brush of this lash is amazing: it’s a miracle. So it does not irritate the lash line as well, but it is a bit difficult to control. There is also a small risk of dumplings as plastic spikes are rare. This will still give really nice looking long lashes. The mascara stays on relatively well, but it can be washed off a little easier.

another winner

Oriflame Giordani Gold Angel Caress Lengthening, 26 €

Rating: 5/5

The promise: The mascara combines lash care, length-enhancing fibers and a brush that separates and lifts lashes. Flat Mascara Brush has soft bristles and is feather shaped. The caring composition and vitamins strengthen, protect and nourish eyelashes immediately and over time. Lashes look longer and more alive.


It can be especially recommended for those who require a prolonged effect.

Experience: The excitingly shaped brush raises doubts at first, but they turn out to be in vain. The brush does its job neatly and efficiently. The lash gets properly lengthened – this can be especially recommended for those who need a lengthening effect. Excellent staying power is also a plus!

Tester: Marjut Loukia, who used to use eyelashes every day before the pandemic, but now when she has time and remembers.

Photos: Producer

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