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Anne explains how she solved jealousy in their union in an original way – “It was an important message for my husband”


Ein and his wife’s union was marred by jealousy in the early days of the relationship. Now the relationship is 35 years old.

Singer Eini, aka Ini Pazumaki, 62, met her love Lars Pazumaki in 1988 at the Kantarellis Hotel restaurant in Lapua. Lars was a butler at the restaurant, and now that butler is her husband.

– I’ve been flirty since I was 14, but when I met my husband at 27, I had low self-esteem and was very insecure about my femininity. I had a straight posture and may have looked confident on the outside, but in reality I was timid, shy, and a taciturn person.

Now he says he has moved out of the role of a follower and stalker. Many thanks to the husband for that.

– I thought for a long time that if I demanded or wanted something, I would be rejected and abandoned. My husband encourages me to say and do what I want. With him, I am able to be brave and grow as a woman.


I took Lars along to my gigs.

In the initial days there was jealousy in the relationship on both sides.

– We were both unsure of our position and were afraid of losing each other. I took Lars along to my concerts so he could see what I was up to.

Ini says that she makes contact and hugs easily with the audience, as the audience is very important to her.

That quality can’t be taken away from me, and that was an important message to my husband. Even if I flirt on stage, he can trust me. I can count on him even when we are not together.

Trust takes a lot of work to gain, but it can still be lost with the snap of a finger. We built trust by talking.

What kind of person does Anne say she is in love with? What kind of relationship model did Eini get from home? What craziest thing has he done in love? How do they fight in their relationship? Read full confession of love recently in Me Nices 20/23. As a magazine subscriber, you can read it here. If you haven’t ordered the magazine yet, try the service.

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