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Backstreet Boys star Aaron Carter recalls struggle: A cry for help


Singer says that Carter turned to him and asked for help.

The sudden death of singer Aaron Carter shook the entertainment world in November last year. Relatives and friends of the star were particularly shocked, among whom Backstreet Boys star AJ McLean now recalls the time he supported his bandmate Nick Carter’s younger brother.

– In 2017 Aaron turned to me and asked for my help. I said if you get on a plane and come to Los Angeles, I’ll make sure you get treated. And he came.

– I was shocked, but happy, and she checked into a treatment facility in Malibu, recalls AJ McLean.

However, the luck did not last long, as after a few days on the phone, Carter was not present. After a few weeks, McLean calls his friends at the treatment facility and is told that Carter has dropped out of treatment.

The interview comes from the upcoming Aaron Carter: The Little Prince of Pop documentary, from which People magazine has been able to preview excerpts.

In the documentary, McLean also recounts his own addiction, which he battled for 22 years.

– I almost lost my marriage, my band, my life, he says.

Now it has been dry for 1.5 years. The singer describes her youngest daughter’s words as a wake-up call for her.

– He said that I do not smell like his father. That was enough. McLean says it affected me and I’ve been sober ever since and plan to stay sober.

The documentary about Aaron Carter will premiere on May 1. The documentary follows Carter’s career, particularly since the beginning of the 21st century, and hears the views of those close to Carter.

Singer and former child star Aaron Carter was found dead at his home in Lancaster, California in November. Sources had said at the time that the body would have been found in the bathtub.

Carter’s cause of death was drowning and traces of trifluoroethane and alprazolam were found in his system. Authorities believe the singer took a prescription drug and consumed trifluoroethane before leaving for Kilpyami.

According to People, authorities say Carter lost consciousness in the bathtub and eventually sank below the surface.

Carter is known to have struggled with mental health and substance abuse issues prior to his death. Apart from medicines, several bottles of compressed air were found in his house. Compressed air is mostly used for cleaning keyboards, for example.

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