Thursday, October 5, 2023

Big News for the Lions – Mystery Man Promises: Tomorrow Finally at the World Cup Bowl!


Antti Suomela has come and gone, but now he says he is fit to play.


The fitness of Legion’s second center Antti Suomela has been assessed at the start of the World Cup tournament.

Suomela, 29, injured himself in the opening match against the United States. After that, he simply disappeared from the lineup and missed three matches.

Suomela had already trained midway through the second half during Tuesday’s half-day training, but was unexpectedly dropped for Wednesday’s match against France.

– There were still some feelings. Together with the coaches, we decided to get a few more flutes, says Suomela.

Again on Thursday, Suomella was in his place in the second series between Joel Armia and Capo Caco.

Now Suomela has promised she will be ready for Friday’s match against Hungary – and according to her, no anesthesia or other manipulations are needed.

– We go to play as usual.

Per Sanoma’s information, Suomela, who is suffering from some degree of groin injury, will be crucial for Legion to return to the lineup, as the center department does not have an abundance of offensive players who are proficient with the puck.

Suomela (left) has been training occasionally in the middle of another series.  He was there on Thursday also.

Suomela (left) has been training occasionally in the middle of another series. He was there on Thursday also. Photo: OC Ahola/Amulehti

Suomela did not enjoy watching the game from the stands.

– Yes, it’s been tough. That’s why we’re here, so you can play.

It is more difficult to see the games themselves than to play them. So far it has been difficult to follow. But at the same time I have tried to be as positive as possible and make others happy.

Suomela isn’t the biggest star of the World Cup team, but his track record this season has been terrifying.

Oscarshman’s man won immediately after the Swedish SHL returned to Europe in point and goal exchange show style.

– It sounds a bit absurd, Sumela smiles.

– I could play without any major injury. It was a good option to go there.

Prior to her stellar performance in Sweden, Suomela skated for four seasons in North America. 51 NHL games accumulated, but Suomela was mostly stuck in the AHL over the last few seasons.

– I should have been able to play better there and create space. Later, when I think about it, maybe I didn’t play well enough to get high. Nothing is brought on trays. But it was also an instructive travel peril.

For the next season, Suomella would move to the Swiss league in the ranks of Lausanne.

– For me Switzerland has been such that I want to experience it. I’m excited to go there.

Suomela is participating in the World Championships for the second time. However, five years have already passed since the last one. The Spring 2018 competition venue opened after Suomela won the SM League’s point exchange in a JYP shirt.

– If I compare with now, I feel that I am a better player and I can do more things than in previous games.

Of course there is a difference in experience. There are now domestic games and they were in Denmark. Maybe what we do will be more closely monitored now, Suomela says.

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