Sunday, December 10, 2023

Everest’s tragically deep spring keeps getting deeper and deeper – two climbers die


So far seven people have died in Everest’s spring season.

The season for the spring ascent of the world’s highest mountain, Everest, has been very dark. According to the news agency AFP, representatives of the expedition team told on Thursday that two people died again on the mountain.

Seven people have already died on Everest, following the most recent deaths in the spring season.

One of those who died on Thursday was Suzanne Leopoldina Jesus, a 58-year-old Indian woman who had announced before her climbing job that she had a pacemaker. Apart from this, information was given on Thursday about a dead Nepali who was cleaning the mountain from debris.

Jesus died in a hospital in the city of Lukla. He was admitted to the hospital due to illness.

Jesus raised funds by climbing with the slogan “On Everest expedition and back with pacemaker at age 58”. According to the Himalayan Times, Jesus was a teacher who aimed to become the first Asian climber to wear a pacemaker and the oldest Indian climber on Everest.

Nepal issued 478 Everest climbing permits to foreign climbers for the spring. The season ends in early June. Since most climbers require guidance, a total of over 900 people climb Everest during the spring.

An average of five people have died on Everest during the spring season. The darkest year was 2019, when 11 people died. Four of them were suspected to have been killed because there were too many climbers on the mountain.

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