Saturday, September 23, 2023

Finnish soldiers’ evening beer got out of hand: one threw, the sergeant pulled out a gun


The corporal said he wanted the weapon out as a “funny joke”.

A drunken night out for a corporal serving in the Finnish Crisis Management Force in Lebanon led to his sentencing in January 2022 for two service offences.

The sergeant had gone out with friends for an evening beer and his consumption of drinks had exceeded the limit permitted in the Crisis Management Group’s instructions.

One of the seated servants had vomited in the evening, so the other asked him to clean up his mess and go to bed.

A fellow service member who had put him to sleep told the Helsinki District Court as a witness that shortly thereafter, a sergeant convicted of service crimes came to the scene vomiting his shirt.

The witness guessed that the comrade behind the previous vomiting was at it again.

According to the witness, the constable cursing what had happened went to the gun cabinet, took the pistol from there and kept the magazine in it.

The witness said at this point he went up to the sergeant, pushed him against the door and took the gun away from him. According to what he said, the witness did not feel any danger to himself in the situation.

According to Sargent himself, it didn’t feel comfortable to vomit on himself, so he decided to make a “weird joke” in his own words. Instead of laughing, this act made other servicemen grimace.

The sergeant admitted in court that he had acted as described above. He said he was also aware of the instructions of the crisis management team regarding the use of alcohol and weapons.

A man born in 1999 was sentenced in April this year to 70 days in fine, to be paid 420 euros from his earnings. The decision is final.

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