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For the Finns, this mundane matter completely surprised 30-year-old Anthony Reich, who lived in Turku: “There is no such thing in France!”


Anthony Reich experienced summer and winter in Turku and fell in love with Finland. Now he’s in Tampere and he dares to taste the city’s favorite delicacy.


French national team striker Anthony Rech has declared that he loves Finland, despite his team’s 3-5 defeat to Liège at the World Cup.

Entering the match as a huge underdog, France hung in the game respectably and were even close to leveling the match in the third period. There is still no despair on Rekha’s face.

– It was so close that we could have at least done overtime. “We wanted to show that we can do it against the world champion and I think we did,” Rech said.

The 30-year-old Rech played the autumn season at TPS but had to leave the club in January. Although his career at TPS ended at a very short notice, the French striker and his family had time to fall in love with Finland and Turku.

Living in Finland has been one of the best experiences of my career. I love the Finnish lifestyle. My family and I had a really good time – outside the hockey rink.

Rech started off strongly in Turku, scoring goals and even earning a cute nickname, the Baker of Paris, which he laughs off. However, the flight of the French in TPS did not last long.

Despite this, he has nothing bad to say about the people of Turku. vice versa.

– People were really kind to me. It’s a shame my career at TPS didn’t continue, but it’s part of the business, says Rech, who moved to Germany in the middle of the season.

Reich, who came from Chamonix, France, especially enjoyed a sense of security in Turku. The father of two was completely amazed at how carefree the children were being allowed to live in Finland.

– There is really nothing like that in France. Safety in Finland was a great thing for our kids, says Rech.

Rech says that he took away all the happiness from Finland. First, he enjoyed the summer of Turku by fishing, and then the winter, which he had never experienced before.

– So much snow, and twenty degrees below zero! Rech, who also visited Rovaniemi, says with a smile.

– We enjoy it. Our family will always remember this experience.

Anthony Rech represented TPS this season but left the club in January.  He scored 11 (7+4) power points in 29 matches.

Anthony Rech represented TPS this season but left the club in January. He scored 11 (7+4) power points in 29 matches. Photo: Kalle Parkkinen

Against Legion, Rech was left without a power point, but he scored an excellent 1+3=4 in four World Cup games. In his opinion, Tampere is also quite an excellent city.

The French national team has its own local coach in Tampere, Charles Bertrand, who previously represented Tappara for several seasons.

– There hasn’t been much free time, but Charles took us to restaurants and advised good places, says Rech.

On Bertrand’s recommendation, Rech was encouraged to try one of Tampere’s favorite dishes, namely chicken wings.

– Huh! Really, really hot, Rech says with a grin and laughs.

– But I liked it. I really liked it.

The World Cup tournament in France continues on Saturday as well. Sweden at that time.

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