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Forward Lions recounts a childhood memory: Father’s nerves were burning – after that a dreamy place appeared in the yard: “The whole village moved there”


Goalkeeper Nura Rati, among others, trained on Järre Sallinen’s home court.


Lions forward Jere Sallis had great training conditions as a kid. Salinan, 32, got a chance to play in a small rink at home.

This was the best option when the boys in the family were very excited about the puck.

– When we heated the garage wall, my father lost his courage and it started falling apart. They decided to build a small rink with decorative racks and puddle paint. Sallinen, who grew up in Espoo, says the whole village used to play there every day.

The yard games played at Sallaite’s home were also told in Nura Redi’s biography, Leijonkunningtar, which was published the previous fall.

The book written by Marika Lehto suggests that Jahonga’s juniors could go to Slineen to play after school, go to training later and come back in the evening for yard games.

According to the book, evening games were made possible thanks to floodlights placed at the side of the rink.

– Would it have been played with three against three or four against four. Sometimes we wanted a little tough, remembers Sallinan, so we put everyone who could come to the ground.

According to Sallinen, the Rati target had a hard bone in its mouth.

He was the best player in his age group at that time. Won a lot of games for us, says Sallinen.

Ratey was able to make a career out of ice hockey, even though it is more difficult for women.

Earlier this week, it was reported that Rati will play next season in North America in the PHF league.

Nura is a great goalkeeper and a good player. I don’t know how things are in women’s hockey in terms of compensation, says Salinen, but it’s definitely not easy to turn a sport into a profession.

Sallinan is mentioned a few times in Ready’s book. One mention concerned how the emotional outbursts of girls and boys were treated differently.

For the sake of the environment, it would probably be easier for me if I were a boy. After all, my Jahonga teammate Jere Slineen, who had already played his first league game on the threshold of adulthood, was swinging his bat on the field as a child, but perhaps it was better understood, the book says.

Sallinen admits that Racket got rides from time to time as a child.

The game is played with spirit. Yes, I got nervous, if not every day then every other day, says Sallien.

Playing against older brother Tom also added its own emotional flavor to the yard game. Tomi Sallinen played on the Lions World Championship team in 2016 and in the season ending, represented Lulea in the SHL and Kometa Brno in the Tshek League.

The two played on the same team when they were young, in Jahonga’s juniors.

Jere Sallinen says sometimes being with an older brother can be nerve-wracking, but playing on the same team also helps.

– Tommy has been a support and protection in a way. It was always easier when older brother was in the same gang. Even though we got a lot in the name of hockey when we were young, it was great.

When you have spent your entire youth playing with your parents for a year or two, it has definitely been a big help. Yes, it develops rapidly. It’s definitely gotten easier for parents, too. It’s not necessary to run in two training sessions every day.

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