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Henry Allen opens a new restaurant in a prime location, but faces a major problem: “The situation is brutally tough”.


The restaurant influencer is upset with the city’s task groups.

Thousands of jobs are created in the restaurant industry as soon as the summer season starts, while there is also a shortage of labor. Temporary work companies already completely dominate the job search industry. Easy, Barona, Staffpoint, Bolt, Osuma, Eela Kasla, Worker, Go-On, Adecco, Emiko, Rainmaker, Selecta. The list could go on.

Almost no job posting is a direct search by the employer.

In Duintory, there were 4,498 jobs in the tourism and restaurant industry on Wednesday, of which almost half were full-time permanent jobs. There were 2,777 short-cut jobs available across the country, with full-time permanent jobs accounting for only 28 per cent.

Job announcements also give an idea of ​​the concentration of the industry. There are very few applications for restaurants led by entrepreneurs.

The strong hold of temporary work companies may be one reason why the appeal of the sector is waning. It can be difficult for temporary workers to become part of the working community, and companies do not always have sufficient knowledge of the law and collective agreements.

You can also understand the reasons behind the jump in rentals. The share of salary expenses to turnover is large, and the industry has low margins, as it often misses to mention.

– On the other hand, nowadays people often want to decide about their free time, and don’t want to commit to working 110 percent all the time. Many people these days also wish they could do something a little smaller, explains restaurant owner Henry Allen.

Allen recently performed in Helsinki in a New Fiasco? The restaurant has opened.

– In craft-oriented restaurants, that part (time and hired labor) doesn’t work, because you need a team and you can’t make it if people change all the time. Instead, it operates in tightly conceptualized chains such as fast food restaurants.

Ellen has opened a new restaurant on the eve of summer.  Fiasco, a restaurant in Helsinki's Eteläranta?  Serves Italian cuisine.

Ellen has opened a new restaurant on the eve of summer. Fiasco, a restaurant in Helsinki’s Eteläranta? Serves Italian cuisine. Photo: Muru Dining

The restaurant industry is preparing for the summer season under difficult conditions. One-third of respondents in a recent survey were suffering from a professional labor shortage. Inflation punishes both restaurants and customers.

There was no new workforce in line, even for a well-known restaurant owner. In Fiasco, the position of restaurant manager had been open for three weeks, when only two applications had been received.

– The situation is very difficult. We must remember that 13,000 people disappeared from the industry during Corona. Ellen says that those left behind have the task of juggling their work as well as training newcomers, even more so that they enjoy themselves and stay in the industry.

– The most passionate is left behind, the wisest is left, he throws.

Labor shortages inevitably lead to wage competition. Compared to years past, it is easier to negotiate a salary upward when looking for a job.

In Fiasco’s job advertisement, a salary of 3,100–3,600 euros per month was announced, depending on experience. A maximum of 250 bonuses and other Tess extras and the restaurant’s own additions will be added.

Salary alone does not manage the attractiveness of the workplace. For shift workers, it can also be difficult to go to work when all public transport does not run at night. You cannot come to work in the service area in the center of Helsinki with your own car.

– In my opinion, it is really needed by people who want to work full time and committed. You should not think in a selfish way, but if you are doing this work for 23 years and still doing it with full passion, then you will not be able to do it if there are people around you who are not interested in it . Work.

On the other hand, the more powerful and entrenched the temporary employment sector becomes, the more difficult it can be to see it as anything other than work-through work. In France, a waiter is considered a difficult professional, in Finland he can be considered a student.

Allen says the industry’s reputational problems are a place for the industry to look at itself in the mirror.

You can’t just complain about why you can’t find committed, passionate workers. After all, creating lucrative jobs is also the work of the devil.


It is dead here, no one comes here.

Fiasco? The pricing of the restaurant seems reasonable considering its location.

– People are very sensitive to price, especially at this time. You have to be very precise and reasonable when it comes to pricing, but at the same time stick to the quality. I don’t believe in reducing portion sizes or cheapening ingredients.

– It is more about how to overcome it, will inflation start coming down. You really can’t get into debt anymore, because during the corona virus, many people have already used all possible means.

Alan anticipates that, despite concerns of recession and cost pressures, the coming summer will be profitable for the restaurant industry in Finland. Domestic tourism received a good boost during the pandemic years, which continues to this day.

You can be successful in any market if you know what consumers want. As an avid fashion designer himself, Alan himself asked his Twitter followers what a perfect summer restaurant in the center of Helsinki would be like. According to him, Fiasco?, which has a summer terrace and seating for 30 customers, was born out of precisely these wishes.

In the heart of Helsinki, the restaurant business has been darkened by the much-discussed phenomenon of desertification. Ellen has a strong opinion about it.

– It’s dead here, nobody comes here, he gasps.

– All the time thinking receives invitations to work groups around the world. oh hell What we need now is action, not a working group. There is an empty Hartwall amphitheater and Sibelius whistles. In addition, the center is decorated with streets.

According to Allen, the city’s management, the mayor, must understand that he acts as a kind of employer for entrepreneurs. If the conditions are not heeded, the entrepreneurs will leave after getting angry.

– I have never been offered such a prime commercial space for a restaurant. From such places where earlier there would not have been any economic possibility of getting business space.

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