Friday, December 8, 2023

Hybrid car catches fire while driving on Route 5


The destroyed car is immersed in water inside a special container for several days, so that the battery does not catch fire again.

A hybrid car caught fire on Highway 5 in Mikkeli shortly before noon on Thursday. The driver got out of the car safely, but the car was completely damaged.

The fire started ten kilometers north of the center of Mikkeli. According to on-duty fire marshal Jarno Laicola, the driver said that smoke started coming out of the rear of the car, which should not have been visible. The driver drove up the ramp and stopped the car. By then smoke had filled the car.

– He got out of the car in the right way, said Lykola.

When the rescue service arrived at the scene of the fire, the car was completely gutted and the fire was raging. Firefighters extinguished the blaze in the car and a small fire spread to nearby grass.

The next destination for a burned-out car is a container, according to Laicola, into which an electric or hybrid car can be towed if the battery is damaged or the battery is suspected of catching fire.

A container designed to contain a car fire is filled with water, into which the burning car is immersed. The car has been submerged for several days.

– It can be cool there calmly. This ensures that the battery does not ignite again.

A container is a closed space, and a lid is put on top of it.

The batteries for hybrid and electric cars are mainly lithium batteries. Licola said that a damaged or burnt battery can ignite again after a long time.

The container is shared by the Etela Savo Rescue Service and the Etela Karelia Rescue Service.

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