Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Juna Juntas, 21, who died tragically, is remembered beautifully in Mikkeli


MP remembers their tragically dead player in Finnish Cup match.

Mikkeli Paloilizade player Juna Juntunen died in a tragic car accident on Sunday at the age of 21. MP had to act swiftly after a horrific incident when it faced JJK in a Finnish Cup match on Wednesday.

MP played the match at their home ground Mikkeli Sports Park with mourning ribbons on their hands and remembered their member who passed away in a beautiful way at a young age twice.

When MP took a 1–0 lead in the eighth minute of the game, scorer Egzon Awadi immediately headed to the bench. There, he was handed Juntunen’s jersey, which he kissed, presented to the audience, and then raised his gaze to heaven.

The goal was thus beautifully dedicated to Juntas.

In the 77th minute of the match, according to Juntunen’s game number, another amazing moment was seen. When the game clock reached that reading, the match was stopped for one minute. Both players and spectators applauded while standing in honor of Juntunen’s memory.

Junta Juntunen’s father is Finnish football legend Mika Juntunen. He also missed his mother Kirsi and two elder brothers.

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