Sunday, December 10, 2023

Kari Jalonen’s Czech Republic in trouble! Lilliputty takes its jibe at the World Cup


Slovenia punishes Czech Republic on the World Cup ice.

Even the Czech Republic, who were declared champions of the World Hockey Championship, have made a slow start to the Games. Thursday’s match against Slovenia shows no respite as the small underdogs lead the Czech Republic 2-0 after the opening set.

Miha Vrelik scored the opening goal for Slovenia and Jan Arbas doubled the lead with a fine finish.

Slovenia has started the tournament with three losses, so it’s going to be a big bang.

The Czech Republic are coached by Finnish pilot Kari Jalonen. Jalonen’s Czech Republic had suffered a 3–4 overtime loss to Latvia in the previous game.

In the Tampere group, Sweden leads Hungary 3–1 after the first round.

The article will be updated as the matches progress.

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