Friday, June 2, 2023

Newspaper claims: Melania Trump wants to return to the White House – so Trump is now “closer than ever”


According to Page Six’s sources, Trump is closer than ever.

There have been reports of some kind of crisis for a long time regarding the marriage of 76-year-old Donald Trump to 53-year-old Melania Trump, the 45th President of America.

The union of the Trumps, who married in 2005, has been plagued by various scandals, practically all of them stemming from The Donald. According to People magazine’s sources, there have also been some alleged cheating allegations from past presidents, one of which Melania has left out.

This is an alleged bribery case where Donald is suspected of paying porn star Stormy Daniels to keep quiet about an alleged secret relationship. The suspected payments may have taken place in 2016, but the alleged secret affair took place around 2006, around the time Trump’s son Barron was born.

The pending case, which was heard in court this spring, is reportedly a taboo subject for Melania, but if Page Six’s sources are to be believed, the couple are now happy together despite the scandals.

According to sources, the couple is “closer than ever,” especially as Melania seeks to play a bigger role in her husband’s presidential campaign than ever before. In a way, she has replaced her husband’s daughter Ivanka Trump as the former president’s most visible supporter.

– (Donald) Trump says Melania will be with him more during the campaign than last time, the source claims.

There are still many supporters of Donald Trump in America.

There are still many supporters of Donald Trump in America. Photo: Jeremy Hogan SOPA Images via Zuma Press Wire

Melania has already publicly stood behind her husband. If her Donald wins the presidential election, Melania intends to focus on, in her words, creating a “safe and nurturing place for children in the United States to learn, grow, and succeed.”

He has my support. We look forward to leading America into the future with love and strength,’ Melania told Fox News recently.

However, in interviews with Fox, Melania remained silent about scandalous topics, namely Donald’s criminal charges. Recently, one of them was also convicted.

A federal court ruled in early May that Donald Trump sexually assaulted journalist-author E. Jean Carroll, 79, in the fitting room of a luxury department store in New York in 1996.

In addition to assault, Trump was charged with defamation, which he pleaded guilty to last year when Carroll denied the allegations.

According to the jury, Trump must also pay Carroll nearly $2 million in damages for assault and $3 million for defamation.

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