Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Russia-Founded Team for “Shadow Games” Stirs Up Motives a Vague Claim


Konstantin Menshikov wonders about the Russian national team.

At the same time that other countries are playing the World Hockey Championships in Tampere and Riga, Russia and Belarus are playing their own mutual tournaments in the east.

Former SKA player, Russian Konstantin Menshikov criticized the Russian national team in RB Sport, which was borrowed by Championat.

– I have seen the World Cup and the Russian national team. The hockey that Hungary, Austria and France also play in the World Cup is very different from the way our team plays. Menshikov said in the Championat article, “Our team (Russia) is far-fetched and it is not clear why it was created.”

According to him, the composition of the Russian national team looks strange, since only players from SKA St. Petersburg are present in the top KHL teams. In Menshikov’s opinion, against Belarus it looked like it was a training camp for St. Petersburgers.

The former defender said he thinks Russia has a lot to learn from the World Cup teams. He admired how, for example, Hungary, Latvia and France challenge the favorites in their World Cup matches.

He also took a stand on Russia’s absence from the World Cup.

– Many people do not watch the World Cup because Russia is not participating. I see and like. There are great teams here, and even the leading teams face tough underdogs. Is it boring to watch the World Cup where Russia is not playing? no way.

The opinion can be considered surprising, as many Russians consider the level of the Games to be low because of Russia’s interference.

Menshikov, 78, represented Leningrad SKA, the predecessor of Saint Petersburg SKA, for a total of eight seasons. He appeared for the Soviet national team for nine years. He ended his playing career in 1974.

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