Thursday, October 5, 2023

Russia has also frozen the bank card of the Danish Embassy in Moscow


The Danish Embassy in Moscow has long had to pay bills and staff salaries in cash.

The bank card belonging to the Danish Embassy in Moscow has been closed since the summer of last year. The Danish Foreign Ministry has told the Danish news agency Ritzau about this.

– Since the summer, the embassy has been under significant restrictions by the Russian authorities, which have hindered the embassy’s bank transactions, the Danish Foreign Ministry said in its written statement.

According to the ministry, the Danish Embassy in Moscow has been paying bills and salaries of employees in cash for a long time.

On Wednesday it was reported that Russia has frozen the bank accounts of Finnish embassies in Russia. Foreign Minister Pekka Haavisto (green) told a news conference on Wednesday that Finland was informed of the freezing of accounts on 27 April.

In Russia, Finland has an embassy in Moscow and a consulate general in St. Petersburg. Their bank accounts cannot be accessed at this time.

Finland has given a note to Russia on this matter in early May.

There has been no official explanation from Russia as to why the accounts of the Finnish embassies have been frozen. In Haavisto’s opinion, it looks like bullying is involved in freezing the accounts.

Finland’s representative offices will continue to operate due to cash reserves.

According to the Swedish news agency TT, Sweden has not faced the same difficulties as Finland.

– Right now it doesn’t affect Sweden, Swedish Foreign Minister Tobias Billström told TT in Iceland on Wednesday.

The Norwegian Foreign Ministry told the Norwegian news agency NTB that Norwegian embassy accounts have not been frozen.

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