Friday, December 8, 2023

Sanna Marin attends secret Bilderberg meeting – topics include Russia and China


The meeting will be held in Lisbon. Marin had attended the meeting last year as well.

Prime Minister Sanna Marin (SD) will attend the Bilderberg Group meeting in Lisbon, the capital of Portugal from 18 to 21. May. The Prime Minister’s Office will inform about the matter.

Bilderberg meetings have been held since 1954. The meeting is informal and confidential and is attended annually by 120–140 European and North American politicians, journalists, researchers, business representatives and experts.

According to Bilderberg’s website, this year’s meeting will discuss NATO, China, Russia and Ukraine like last year. Among other things, artificial intelligence and energy transition are also on the agenda.

Marin had attended the meeting last year as well. In such a situation, about 120 people from 21 countries took part in the meeting.

Bilderberg meetings are closed, and their contents are not disclosed to the public. The Chatham House Rule is used in meetings, for which participants are allowed to use the information they have received, but are not allowed to reveal the source of their information.

Antti Herlin, Björn Wahlross, Elina Valtonen, Alexander Staub and Jatta Urpillainen have participated in the meetings from Finland.

Various conspiracy theories have circulated about the secret meetings, with one claiming that a “new world order” was being planned at the meetings.

– Such an idea is spread by Russian troll factories. I have always been ready to tell as much as possible about my visit to Bilderberg. Especially when Russian propaganda is so strong and when few people actually believe these conspiracy theories, Alina Valtonen told Ilta-Sanom 2022.

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The cost of the meetings sparked a debate in Finland in 2012. In that case, according to Yale, state finance minister Jatta Urpillainen (SD) attended the meeting with public funds, even though he had said in parliament that the meeting would be attended. In the capacity of a private person.

The meeting costs of Jyrki Katainen (KOK) and Alexander Staub (KOK), who served as finance ministers, have also been paid for by the state. Last year a trip to Marin cost 16,690 euros. The expenses also included travel expenses and daily expenses for his assistant Tuulia Pitkanen.

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