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Sarah Laplainen did not reach the altar – after the wedding, a surprise was found under the skirt: “I have never seen this”


The wedding brought a moment of joy in the midst of Sarah Lapplainen’s terrible year.

Few people have had such a bad year as Sarah Lappeenen did last year. First, the runner was found to have an intestinal parasite, which ruined his training season in the spring of 2022.

Then in June 2022, during the road cycling championships, his teammate Olli Lappelainen collapsed in Porvoo and was put in a coma for a few days. Fortunately, he made a full recovery.

In the autumn of 2022, Laplanen’s (née Kuivisto) Achilles tendon was surgically cleaned. The masterpiece is to be crowned in the winter of 2023, when the runner spends time at an alpine lodge in Helsinki. An equipment failure raised the room’s “altitude” from 2,000 m to 3,000 m and Lappellänen went into overpass mode.

In the meantime, in early October 2022, Sarah and Olli Lappelainen get married. The couple really needed their moment of happiness and deserved it.

– The wedding was the only good and positive thing of the year. The party hit a good note, says Sarah Lappelinen.

But a wedding without a tiny element of chance doesn’t look like a runner. He immediately went for Achilles tendon surgery in the third-fourth. After the match against Sweden in September. Even on the day of marriage, health was in bad condition.

– I could walk without a cane, but my legs were in such a condition that I could only walk to the altar. The threshold of the church was the most difficult, says Laplainen.

– I have never seen such swollen feet after that day. I could only wear sandals. By evening, the bandages had disappeared from between his legs.

After the party, the Lapps went to enjoy their honeymoon.

This spring, some athletics fans may have wondered who this Sarah Lappelinen really is, and where that Kuivisto disappeared to. Among other things, the change of last name for the athlete who shone at the Tokyo Olympics has caused many funny situations.

In Porvu’s home territory, the exchange has a momentary advantage.

– I am very famous in the small town. It’s good when you have booked something in your name, you are not in other people’s teeth, but you are able to live in peace.

Lappanai, 31, has a habit of his own.

– I was sitting at the reception, and the doctor called Lappalai. I was wondering why it wouldn’t work.

The position may be temporary. If the SE women of 800 and 1,500 meters ran at their level in the early season, “nobody would remember anything” about Kuivisto.

Next summer, he will focus more on his long bravura tour, i.e. Ton Vitos. The move is the result of a long thought, even if the runner does not completely leave “Kashi”.

Laappalainen set out in an attempt to break the Finnish record. Of course, the main goal is the World Championships in Budapest.

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