Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Silja Kossonen screamed! shocked by the terrible result


Silja Kossonen achieved the second best result of her career.

On Thursday in Hakunila, Vantaa, World and European Championship finalist Silja Kossonen improved her season’s best home result to 72.81. This is the second best result in Kossonen’s career. That fell 62 cents short of his record from two years ago.

Kosonen threw a great series at Hakuinila, where the worst result was 69.70. He covered a distance of 70 meters with his four throws.

I don’t know if I have ever bowled a series like this. It seemed like the best it had ever seen, Kossonen assessed the competition in the sports association’s press release.

Kossonen has just returned to Finland from camp in Tenerife.

— were thrown comfortably and the punt went well, Kossonen said.

Suvi Koskinen was second in the competition, and SE woman Krista Torvo, who is recovering from illness, was third with results under 70 metres.

Aaron Kangas won the men’s race with a result of 72.49.

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