Thursday, October 5, 2023

Temperatures will soar to summer readings over the weekend – up to 23 degrees are expected here!


There will be an increase in the temperature across the country from Saturday.

Towards the end of the week, we may enjoy warmer weather than Thursday, with temperatures rising up to 20 degrees across almost the entire country.

Jari Tuovinen, the meteorologist on duty at the Finnish Meteorological Institute, says according to the current forecast, the low pressure from southern Lapland will move northeast on Thursday.

Showers of rain will develop over the northern Ostrobothnia region on Thursday. Further south, the weather is cloudy but will clear up by the evening. The night before Friday it will be very cold in Lapland and there will be frost in many places in southern Finland.

– After so little circulation, when there is a temporarily slightly cooler air mass at the top, all conditions are right for cool nights and mornings, Tuovinen says.

Friday will be partly cloudy and the temperature will rise gradually. In the sunniest areas of the West Inland, temperatures will rise to near 20 degrees, but generally the country will be between 14 and 17 degrees on Friday. It’s probably a little colder in Lapland.

Friday’s rain will be light. There may be a few showers in the evening over the Lapland arm area.

The night before Saturday will also be cold and frost is expected across the country. Tuovinen says that the nights are getting warmer.

Saturday is sunny almost all over the country, cloudy in Lapland. From the south to the height of Oulu, the temperature rises to 20 degrees or slightly higher. It’s a few degrees colder in Lapland.

According to Tuovinen, the hottest place on Saturday will be between Lahti and Kauvola, where the temperature can rise up to 22 degrees.

On Sunday, the 20-degree temperature range will expand, and temperatures could rise to 23 degrees inland in southern Finland.

– On Sunday, the situation has changed to such a summer mode, says Tuovinen.

However, the beginning of the week looks a bit more uncertain than the weekend. It is possible that the summer will be more cloudy, but according to Toivanen, it is also possible that the temperature will return to a good 15 degrees.

– Since the beginning of the week, there is a low pressure coming from the Danish side, and a small low pressure over the eastern side of the Baltic. They are heading towards each other and it is a power struggle to see if either of them can make it here when high pressure is impeding their movement. The situation at the beginning of the week has been a lot, says Tuovinen.

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