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The rapper talks about his embarrassing mistake at Wise Men backstage – he thought the wrong men were Greece’s representatives


Finland’s Eurovision representative revealed in Suomipop’s Amulipsi that she has mistaken the identities of some of her contestants more than once.

Karija, who came second in Eurovision with a stunning performance, has mesmerized the whole world.

One of the big reasons for this crush has been the apparently friendly relationship “Kärtsäri” have with their fellow rivals in Liverpool and on the five-way tour. Käärija was seen several times in hot environments, including Sweden’s Loren and Slovenia’s Joker Out singer Bojan Cvjetićan.

However, Karija’s encounters with all the cast did not go smoothly. The strangest encounter happened even before Liverpool, when Karija ran into two men who she thought were representatives of Greece on one leg of the tour.

– Some people from there came there and I said I have been to your country, it is my favorite country and I have been there a lot on holidays. So at no point did I specifically say they were from Greece, the artist says on Suomipop’s Amulipsi on Wednesday morning.

However, at some point in the conversation, the truth began to emerge.

– At some point I started thinking that they are not from Greece, they are from Ukraine, Karija revealed.

The scroll thought that these people were representatives of Greece.

The scroll thought that these people were representatives of Greece. Photo: Oli Scharf/AFP

These men were Andrey Hutsulik and Jimoh Augustus Kehinde of the Ukrainian band Tvorchi.

– He then asked where in the country I was on vacation. I also told you I was last year!

Karija says that he closed his eyes to the situation, but that he continued to negotiate “till the end”, even though the confusion was clear to him. Käärijä believes that the Ukrainians also realized the situation because, according to the Finnish artist, he and the pair of Tvorchi became good friends.

– There was a lot of grinding in with him, intelligent, talented veterans, that he apparently didn’t mind.

During the broadcast the presenter states that the confusion was to be expected, as the number of bands participating in Eurovision was so large. However, he also revealed that a similar embarrassing situation has happened in his own country as well.

– I’ve also had all kinds of encounters in Finland, for example sometimes with Behm and Sakke Aalto. I didn’t know anything about them and I was just wondering who these people are. I’m not really on the map, Karija says with a laugh.

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