Thursday, October 5, 2023

Therese Johaug, 34, who gave birth to her first child, said she heard something confusing while waiting


Therese Johaug heard something that surprised her.

Norwegian skiing great Therese Johaug, 34, has given birth to her first child. Her husband Nils Jakob Hoff shared the good news on Instagram on Wednesday.

Johag opened up about the things she never expected during her pregnancy.

The multiple Olympic champion declared that he wasn’t able to exercise as much as he previously thought. Johag saw that he also had special desires.

The Norwegian legend said that as soon as the doors of the store opened, he went to get a soft drink.

He revealed in a podcast episode published in May that he heard the news which shocked the Norwegian who has won four Olympic gold medals in his career.

“I thought I could run normally the day after I gave birth,” Johag said in the podcast, according to Expressen.

I’ve always thought that pregnancy ends after the girl is born. No one told me that I had to wear diapers for a whole week after giving birth!

In addition to four Olympic golds, Theresa Johaug has won Olympic silver, Olympic bronze and 19 World Cup medals. Johaag ends his career in 2022.

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