Friday, June 2, 2023

This is the cost of Queen Elizabeth’s funeral


A lavish funeral was incredibly expensive for Britain.

According to a BBC report, the cost of Queen Elizabeth’s funeral has been revealed.

According to the figures announced by the British Ministry of Finance, Britain will have to spend 162 million pounds i.e. around 187 million euros on this fun event held in September 2022.

The largest part of the amount was cleared by the country’s Ministry of the Interior (£74 million) and the Ministry of Culture, Media and Sports (57 million).

According to the Finance Ministry, the reason for the huge price tag is the funeral and several other events surrounding it. According to John Glenn, head of the ministry’s office, the government’s goal was to ensure that the funeral and the events surrounding it “run smoothly and appropriately dignified.”

In a written statement to the British Parliament, Glenn also says that the state has offered additional support for funerals “if needed”. The ministry also says it has separately reimbursed Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales for the cost of the funeral.

A large number of people arrived to see Elizabeth's funeral.

A large number of people arrived to see Elizabeth’s funeral. Photo: Paul Childs

The price tag may seem hefty for its size, but that in itself isn’t surprising.

Even before the funeral, thousands of people came to Elizabeth’s coffin to honor the memory of the queen. For hours in an 11 kilometer long line, football legend David Beckham, among others, waited for the opportunity.

The funeral ceremony was attended by 2,000 invited guests, among whom could, of course, be royalty from Britain and the rest of the world. Others in attendance included President Joe Biden, British Prime Minister at the time Liz Truss, and a large number of other famous people from around the world.

It was also the first state funeral since 1965. At that time, Winston Churchill was consigned to the grave.

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