Thursday, October 5, 2023

Today on TV: This is how the “world’s fattest man” – 40 chocolate bars a day


The documentary follows Englishman Paul Mason’s 10-year journey with food addiction.

TV magazine evaluates: Englishman Paul Mason started lifting weights at the age of 9. At thirty, he was already a prisoner of his bed.

The documentary, released in the United States in 2021, follows Mason, who struggled with his weight for decades and was at one point dubbed the world’s fattest man.

At its worst, a man could order takeout food three times in one evening, eat 40 chocolate bars a day, or eat dozens of crisps.

Events are being followed since 2009, when Mason weighed 500 kg. That same year, he also ended up on the pages of magazines for the first time because of his size.

Paparazzi and reporters were on duty in the man’s yard.

Despite his enormous size, the man underwent bariatric surgery that same year, giving doctors a 50 percent chance of survival.

Also, a thick pad weighing about ten kilograms was removed from his other leg, which made it difficult for him to walk for a long time.

Mason survives the surgery. Seven months after the operation, his weight had reduced by about 190 kg. Despite the weight loss, the skin did not return to its former state.

Throughout the short documentary, we see how Mason, who struggles with his weight, opens up to a psychologist about his painful family relationships, gets a girlfriend, moves to the United States, gets divorced. and ends up in court for shoplifting.

Even though there are enough incidents in a man’s life, he does not know how to convey them in an interesting way in a documentary. The narrative is slow paced, and despite several interview scenes, Mason remains a distant and silent main character.

The World’s Fattest Man Documentary on TLC Channel 18.05. at 22:05

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