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Vivi Altonen now reveals how he got in such good shape in the special forces program – the instructions he got from an ex-chief


Vivi Altonen enjoys training hard and pushing his limits. The biggest challenge is that it doesn’t go overboard.

– I have to train for war. You have six weeks.

With these words, Vivi Altonen asked an ex-chief she knew to help her when she received an invitation to the Special Forces program a year and a half ago. Vivi had just returned from Miss Universe in slim competition shape. He was afraid that he would break like a flower stick in special forces training.

The training program included, among other things, a 20-kilometer hike with a 30-kilogram backpack on the back, and mountain training, where the pressure was pushed to the point of unconsciousness. Apart from this, there was gym, jogging and Tabata training twice a week. Vivi had trained hard earlier, so there was no need to build her fitness from the beginning.

Hard prescription paid off. In six weeks, Vivi gained more weight, increased maximum endurance (that is, the maximum working capacity of the heart, respiratory and circulatory systems) – and passed tough special forces training.

– I’m the kind of person who doesn’t give up. I get a lot of inspiration from the group. When others do, I can’t give up on myself. Even when I feel terrible, I love that feeling.

Vivi describes herself as active, versatile, willing to try new things and an enthusiastic exerciser.

When I was young, I didn’t want to get myself into trouble if I wasn’t good at something. In recent years, I’ve intentionally tried different sports where I’m bad.

Last fall, Vivi implemented a social media project where she challenged herself to try different sports with the best of the best. Among other things, he went to play badminton with an Olympic medalist, fenced with a Finnish champion, tried aerobic gymnastics in the company of a European Championship champion …

– I was very bad at all of them. But how nice to dominate yourself!

At the moment, his favorite sport is boxing, which he trains 2-3 times a week at the university. The physical rigor and endorphins of sport are the magic here, too.

– In boxing, you can break out internal aggression and calm your thoughts. It also gives inner strength and tools for self-defense. I don’t want to feel powerless if I ever have to defend myself.

Work often takes Viv out into the world, and even when traveling, she tries to train four times a week. There are always sneakers, training leotards, and a shirt in the suitcase.

– I’m good at inventing different ways to train. I replace boxing workouts with half an hour of Tabata or height workouts where all you need is your own body weight.

Lately Vivi has often done model shoots in Switzerland, where she also has relatives. He does long runs in mountainous scenery with a goal of running a half marathon later this year.

Although Vivi enjoys the energy and good feeling that comes with exercise, she knows that the most important thing in life is mental health and balance. He learned this the hard way four years ago.

– I worked full time, studied and went to group exercise classes five times a week. It was hard to sleep, I woke up in the morning, I had arrhythmia and my resting heart rate was over 70. Everything felt heavy.

The doctor ordered Viv to take a break from training for three months. Although the forced rest was sometimes frustrating, Vivi did not want to gamble with his health and followed the instructions.

I am at the limit of my fitness since then, but now 2-3 hard workouts a week is enough. Even if you have enough enthusiasm and energy, says Vivi, sometimes you have to curb your desire to train.

– Pushing sports to the limit is just as dangerous as not moving at all!

last week of training


6-10 km run, 40-90 minutes

“My running speed depends on my mood and feeling. / My goal is to run a half marathon this year.


Boxing Training, 1 hour


6–10 km walk/jog, 1 hour


Boxing Training, 1 hour


Tribe Workout, 1h

“Sometimes I even go to CrossFit training.”


rest time


Pilates at home, 30 minutes

“I google ’30 minute full body pilates,’ and the first of three videos goes to the test!”

delay aaltonen

26 year old model-presenter-social media influencer, Miss Finland 2020.

Studies social psychology, lives in Helsinki.

Was one of three who passed training in the Special Forces program.

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