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Who made Lorraine in the area of ​​Nokia? The Swedes thought about it for days – now the reason is clear


After all, the Swedes are not to blame for Lorraine’s play in the Finland-Sweden game. The solution was created by the Finns, says Expressen.

While Finland and Sweden took on the World Cup ice skating on Monday, the Eurovision final, which was also a duel between Finland and Sweden, was contested two days earlier.

Sweden won both events.

Even before the start of the match, the knife turned around in five wounds of the Finns. While the teams were warming up on the ice, the victory rallying cry of the wise men performed by Loren, tattooed, came from the speakers of the Nokia-Arena.

In the arena, it was announced that each team could request a song to be played during the warm-up.

But which Sweden was behind the solution?

Swedish newspaper Expressen investigated the matter for several days, but says it has finally solved the famous mystery.

On the night between Saturday and Sunday, Lauren celebrated winning the Eurovision Song Contest.

On the night between Saturday and Sunday, Lauren celebrated winning the Eurovision Song Contest. Photo: Phil Noble / Reuters

The newspaper began its investigative work on Lucas Raymond, who decided the game in a penalty shootout. Sanomi’s World Cup editorial followed suit and, fresh after the Finland-Sweden game, questioned Detroit’s 21-year-old forward about the Eurovisa issue.

Raymond assigned the responsibility.

Nice song and glad it won. But you should ask Rasmus Sandin more, he really likes Eurovision and will tell you more, assures Raymond.

The reporters quickly switch to Sandini’s pack, but the transfer of responsibility to Raymond turns out to be a clever joke.

– I actually hadn’t heard that song. I’ve never really followed Eurovision and (the Swedish pre-qualifiers) Melodifestivalen, especially in the US and Canada, explained Sandin, also a little embarrassed.

Witsiniecka Lucas Raymond by Emile Larmee

Witsiniecka Lukas Raymond scored the decisive goal from Emile Larmee’s “sticks”. Photo: Heikki Soukoma / Lehtikuva

When Sandin heard about Raymond’s advertised “wisdom fan”, he laughed.

– But he is a terrible fool and a childish boy, Sandin admitted.

Sandin fired the ball forward in the direction of Jonathan Berggren. It also did not admit its guilt to Express, but suspected that it was the work of Jacob de la Rose or Linus Johansson.

A few days after the game, newspapers found Johansson at the Swedish team hotel, but he too claimed his innocence and named the team’s media manager, Linus Hugosson, as the next suspect.

Hugoson became the endpoint of the research, but in an unexpected way. He added that none of the Swedes chose Lorraine’s victory song to be played in the arena.

– We left blank the part where the organizers of the contest asked for our favorite song, so the organizers themselves decided which song to play, Hughson revealed.

According to the report, the organizers of the Finnish race themselves are responsible for calling Lorin.

Finland did not get revenge for their Eurovisa loss in Monday’s match as Sweden won 2-1 after a hard-fought game.

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