Friday, December 8, 2023

A social media photo posted of a star enjoying a luxurious life has left the nation furious – “horrible person”


Jason Denayer took his pet tiger for a walk and social media is on fire.

Jason Denayer, a Belgian national team soccer player, moved to Dubai from French Lyon for the Shabab Al-Ahly team last fall. The defender has fully enjoyed the luxury life in Dubai and has presented his happiness on social media.

His new pet has also taken over social media: a tiger.

Futaja posted a picture on Instagram in which he was walking his chained tiger in the middle of a bright day. Publishing the photograph quickly proved to be a mistake, as people were enraged by what they saw and read.

– Denier wrote on his photo, stroking my cat.

Chaining up a wild animal to a domestic animal and walking it chained up can with good reason be considered animal cruelty. Denair received so much social media backlash for her capture that she quickly deleted the photo.

For example, the animal welfare organization World Animal Foundation took a strong stand on the matter on Twitter.

– Tapping a majestic tiger for a leisurely stroll? This is not a show of strength, but a show of indifference and cruelty. Exotic animals belong in nature, not props for personal entertainment. The organization’s Twitter account wrote that Jason Denayer is facing backlash from animal lovers for this outrageous move.

Denair’s photo managed to garner a huge number of angry comments before it was removed. They are compiled together, for example, by the English newspaper Daily Star.

– A terrible person. Here’s a man who understands the value of everything but values ​​nothing, read one comment.

In many Arab countries, keeping exotic animals as pets has traditionally been considered a status symbol, but times are changing.

The reforms in the law have made it difficult for a person to keep wild animals. Doing so can result in fine or imprisonment.

The 27-year-old Denier had a lengthy spell at Manchester City, before moving to France and then to Dubai. However, the playing field didn’t want to open up from there. The Belgian spent most of his contract time at City on loan at various clubs.

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