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A touching moment completely revolutionized the Lions star guard’s world: “You don’t have to think outside the box your whole life”


Life smiles at Emile Larmee of the Lions. A big change is coming soon.


Emile Larmee, 26, radiates positivity at the Lions’ half-day media event in scenic views of Pynik. He answers questions politely and without haste and does not hide his charming smile.

– The past year has been a really great time in my life. In fact, the best time of my life, says Laramie after sitting for a while after the big crowd has calmed down.

Larmee’s happiness is not only due to the fact that he played an incredible season in Sweden, winning the championship and winning the best player award of the playoffs.

And not even because he is now part of the prestigious Lions team for the first time and immediately takes the position of first keeper.

His career is on the rise, but it’s about bigger things than hockey. Laramie is expecting a child with wife Annika Titissen.

Emile Larmee's career is on the rise.

Emile Larmee’s career is on the rise. Photo: Kale Koponen / HS

Talking about her baby makes Larm smile widely again.

– Little by little the matter becomes more real. It’s crazy that we actually have another two-legged friend in our family. Life is getting a little better again, Laramie rejoices.

– I am already looking forward to adopting my child.

This interview will take place on Mother’s Day afternoon. By that time, Laramy had already managed to send congratulations to his wife, the mother of his future child “a little early”. The couple’s first child is expected to be born in just a month.


I am already looking forward to adopting my child.

– I am surprised how much less stressful the case has been. Maybe that’s why I am not nervous, because I know that the child has a good family and the best mother. I’m sure things will be good, says Laramie.

Emile Laramie enjoys life.  He says that the past year has been the best year of his life.

Emile Laramie enjoys life. He says that the past year has been the best year of his life. Photo: Kale Koponen / HS

Larmee believes her top form on the rink is a result of her overall balance in life.

– It has brought balance and stamina in professional life, while things are great at home.

One very happy moment in particular remains etched in Laramie’s mind. That moment changed Laramie’s outlook on life.

– This season, an away match went completely wrong, and I came home in a bad mood. Then I felt my baby kick for the first time. That’s when I realized to put things in perspective and understand what the really important things are in this life, says Larmee.

– In the end, it doesn’t matter how things are going at the rink. I’ve realized that you don’t have to drag the rest of your life down the drain if things go horribly wrong at the rink. If things are good at home, it brings a sense of security and doesn’t allow to think too much. Then I can just enjoy playing hockey.

According to Laramie, understanding the gradation of importance of different aspects of life has been very liberating for her.

– Of course, it’s easy to say these things now because things are so good. You have to remember these things even when you face tough times in your career. There will be more of them in my career, that’s for sure, says Laramie.

Overall, I’ve learned to enjoy the moment more and realize that it’s not worth living in the future. This moment is the best time of life, both professionally and civilly.

Outside of Kaukalao, Laramie has found many things in her life that make her happy. Tahtiwati, for example, confesses to being a keen cook. You can also easily get a picture of the food and wine connoisseur from Laramie’s Instagram account.

– It’s understandable, but I’m definitely not a big wine connoisseur of this team. I’ve noticed over dinner that the group has a little more wisdom, laughs Larmee.

Ahti Oksanen is a hard scientist, and so is Teemu Hurtikainen. I heard a lot of his expertise.

Laramie is as enthusiastic as Cook. He has a surprising achievement: home game day risotto.

– I love making risotto with tuna as a protein source. I don’t know if Henry Allen would let me make this in his kitchen, but at least I like it.

While cooking, you can think about hockey somewhere else. On game day, it’s a good way to pass the time and not think about the upcoming game.

Off the ice, Laramie is consistently cheerful and positive, but on the ice he can be quick-tempered.

Off the ice, Laramie is consistently cheerful and positive, but on the ice he can be quick-tempered. Photo: Jukka Ritola/Amulehti

As a positive and outgoing individual, Larmee has fitted in perfectly with the Lions’ good-spirited team and has enjoyed it. Laramie, on the other hand, revealed that even his smile freezes up from time to time — really, really.

– When I put on my clothes, I get a sudden side, admits Laramie.

I draw by feel. If in civilian life I am happy, positive and calm, then on ice I am from the other extreme. Luckily, I have learned to keep my emotions under control in sports, he laughs.

Larmee says he mostly blames himself if the game doesn’t go well. He doesn’t get angry at his teammates.

– I’m not the guy who craps on the people around me. I dig mirrors first and then see how to proceed.

With self-criticism, I’ve had to think about what’s fair and what’s too much. In recent years, I’ve come to accept that even negative thoughts are entirely human. In the past I tried to deny them to myself.

Emile Larmee has cleared his way to Legion this season.

Emile Larmee has cleared his way to Legion this season. Photo: Antti Aimo-Koivisto / Lehtikuva

Larmee, who enjoyed living in Sweden, signed a two-season extension contract with the Växjö Lakers over the winter.

He also has a house in Lahti. After returning to Finland from North America in 2021, he bought an apartment in an old building in the center of Lahti and renovated it practically from ceiling to floor.

The apartment is almost 95 percent complete. A little finishing work is still enough. It turned out I made room and left for Sweden, laughed Laramie, who moved to Sweden from the Pelicans in February 2022.

Larmee enlisted the help of professionals to help with the renovation, but she also did a lot herself. They have a tendency to get excited about challenging projects and throw themselves completely into them.

– The renovation must have consumed a lot of energy, but on the other hand, it was also relaxing and took your mind off hockey.

– It certainly wasn’t the last project I would be involved in.

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