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A woman was forced to lie to the police: A man was sentenced to 3 years in prison for a rape he did not commit


At the turn of February-March 2022, a tortured woman from Vasa was on the verge of a terrible situation in her own house.

The woman was forced to call the emergency center that a completely innocent person was responsible for the violence. The woman even had to lie that the man had raped her.

This resulted in an unconditional prison sentence of three years for 25-year-old Rainer Jari Henry Koivisto for rape and aggravated assault. IS publishes Koivisto’s name, as the sentence he received was first disclosed by name.

Koivisto had just under a year to serve his sentence, until the alleged rape victim spoke out about Koivisto.

At the time, the woman had heard that the person who actually assaulted her in the apartment would be going to jail, and she was encouraged to tell the police the truth about things. The woman was scared of the man and that is why she lied to the police earlier.

The woman told the police that she had no option but to act in the apartment as per the instructions given to her. She also said that apart from the man, a woman living in the apartment also misbehaved with her.

The woman involved in the assault has admitted that she forced the victim to call 911. Instead, the man denies that he participated in the call.

Both women told a false story about Koivisto during police interrogation. When Koivisto was accused of the crimes, the battered woman lied in court as a witness.

At least so far, the court has not overturned Rainer Koivisto’s 3-year prison sentence. The case is currently pending in the Court of Appeal in Vaasa.

The abused woman herself is now charged with filing a false report, and the prosecutor is seeking a suspended prison sentence of 8-10 months.

The woman thinks that she should be let off without punishment because she had to lie in a forced position.

The man who coerced the woman to lie faces charges of aggravated assault, deprivation of liberty, inciting false reporting, making unsubstantiated statements in official proceedings and making gross unsubstantiated statements in court. The prosecutor demands a maximum of 3 years of unconditional imprisonment for him.

The man who took part in the assault on the apartment has been charged with aggravated assault, deprivation of liberty and inciting false reporting. The prosecutor demands an unconditional prison sentence of 2.5 years. The District Court of Ostrobothnia will issue a decision on the case on 2 June.

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Rainer Koivisto, falsely accused of rape, has a dark criminal history. He has received 9 years in prison for murder and other minor crimes. Koivisto was 16 when he committed the murder. He has also received a 5-year sentence for attempt to murder.

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In addition to these, the district court earlier this month sentenced Koivisto to 1 year and 2 months of unconditional imprisonment for rape and robbery.

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