Friday, June 2, 2023

Capo Caco a merciless thrashing by the Lions – “Cow Farts”


The captain is asked in the lion revolver. This time it is the turn of triple gold lion Harri Pessonen.


Who has the best shot on the team?

– Whoever has such a cow’s fart… Very bad… Let’s throw it in Kapo Kakko.

Tell me one thing that the general public doesn’t know about Marco Antilla?

– Man sleeps a lot. At least 9-10 hours a day.

Who is the dumbest on the team?

– There are many nilos here who know a surprising amount, but I have to say Ahti Oksanen.

Who is the team’s troubleshooter, ie the player most likely to pay the penalty?

– I don’t know about the lighting engineer, but “Rane” (Mikko Rantanen) is strong here.

Which teammate would you not let update their Instagram account?

– Juho Lamikko. Especially if he can share social media updates with Joel Armia, another Pori resident. It can become anything.

Who’s Your Favorite in the Lions’ Sexiest Man Vote?

Jussi Olkinoura. a big favourite.

Who has the most special equipment on the team?

– The size of Marco Antilla’s skates. Its size is 48-49. Such skiing mono.

What’s your record on Cooper’s trial?

– In the army, I ran at least Cooper. Yes, 3,000m will still go with a lot of anger – I hope so.

How much do you get from squats?

– I haven’t tested it for a while, but I’m sure they’ll go up to 160-170kg.

If you had to choose only one gym for the rest of your career, which one would you choose?

The squat is pretty much the king movement. If you can do that, you’re going to do well in the puck.

One song that always turns you on?

– There are many of them, but good Finnish rock and Finnish rap songs work best in the national team. There are several good songs that work before a game, even if they shouldn’t be played on a club team. hello helsinki texas is tough. You can find it on Booth’s playlist.

Which is the best vacation spot for a hockey player in summer?

Spain works. There are many nice places where you can relax.

What’s the surprising item you took on your World Cup trip?

– I carried one with me in my shoulder bag. I wondered if it was needed, but haven’t used it yet.

What’s the best barbecue delicacy of summer?

– A pile of fresh vegetables and some nice meat on top of that. It makes you feel good.

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