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Capo Caco was the target of a low move at the Nokia Arena


Capo Cacco finally opened his goal account. The actions of the Hungarian goalkeeper were confusing.


Lizonat defeated Hungary 7–1 with a thrilling three-set victory.

Lions key player Kapo Kako finally opened his goal scoring account in the tournament. The second one knocked on Friday evening, the powers of 1+1.

After all, it actually tastes good. Five goals for the third period. By then, it was pretty sticky, Kakko said after the fight stopped.

The other scored an own goal early in the second period with superiority. After that something happened.

Kakko began to skate toward the substitution box after ventilation, when 30-year-old Hungarian goalkeeper Bence Balij knocked Kakko’s face with a water bottle.

– This is correct. I don’t know whether I did it intentionally or accidentally.

Right after the episode, Kakko seemed a little taken aback by the lowly and unsportsmanlike move.

– This has never happened before. I’m wondering if I need to check something here.

– I was already going to the changing room.

Kakko says that in the end he did not go to hand over the guard.

– I didn’t go later. I thought that the second paint should still be applied, so I can come and report on it. It just wasn’t done, even though there were places, Kako said.

Legionnaires opened the goal tap right in the third period.

Legionnaires opened the goal tap right in the third period. Photo: Kale Koponen / HS

Kakko had already said ahead of the World Cup tournament that he was not only thirsty for victories but also for individual successes.

The opening goal waited until the fifth match.

– The place is done. Then you can be satisfied when there are places, but it will not last forever. At some point I want to put

Now there was such a pass that you couldn’t even past it. Nice to get the first one out of the way.

The Legionnaires changed their championships during the second break. Kasperi Kapanen was moved to the second series next to Kako and Antti Suomela, who eventually recovered.

The solution seemed to work, and the renewed second series scored a goal in the final set.

– We had chances, and Kasu scored with a quick direct attack. Obviously, Kassu also likes to play that style of game where you can attack quickly. Kakko said that I like this more than always chasing my goal.

– We were able to quickly turn the game around. Nice primer from Finland in that middle area. More like this in the future!

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