Thursday, October 5, 2023

Even the batteries of new electric cars have been found to have a variety of peculiar problems


Even in brand new electric cars, drive batteries have been found whose use capacity has been less than promised by the manufacturer.

Austrian company Avilu, which specializes in the analytics and fault diagnosis of electric car batteries, has drawn findings that indicate that batteries in brand new and almost never driven electric cars may have capacity and condition problems, Norwegian says technology publication Technik UKblade.

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Electric cars tested by the company that have been driven less than 10,000 kilometers – that is, almost un-driven, by most standards – were found to have batteries with cell defects, with the weakest having a capacity of only 86 per cent, according to the manufacturer. Promised for the car.

– We cannot understand how this could happen. However, this has happened in some cases. The battery cell is difficult to access, so at this point we assume it is simply poor quality. Nikolaus Meyerhofer, director of technology at Avilo, told Technische Ukeblad that carmakers have probably had to use battery materials obtained from the market.

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TU emphasizes that the battery SOH numbers given by Avilo, ie the condition percentage in practice, are not estimates, but real information based on thousands of tested cases.

– I can’t name just one car manufacturer. There are good, well-known and big car brands, Meyerhofer comments on more specific model and brand questions.

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Avilu, which tests the condition of electric car batteries, naturally has its own interest in reporting battery problems.

What is clear, however, is that driving battery testing of an electric car and condition test reports linked to the sales status are increasingly becoming a normal part of the car business – also in Finland.

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