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Have you solved the mystery of the colorful pigeons? Pigeon lovers have an idea, but one thing is surprising


Pink and blue colored pigeons have created a sensation in the capital region.

Pigeons of a special color have been seen in the capital region this week.

Pink and blue pigeons have been seen at least in Helsinki and Vantaa.

Two pigeons were caught and two were found dead. Two trapped pigeons were found at Alpikilla and Vikki in Helsinki, and the dead pigeons were found at Ita-Hakkila and Vesala in Vantaa.

The owner of the pigeons has not yet left.

Zakiullah Kamal, president of Suomen Viestikyahki-Yedistis Re, believes that the pigeons found in Helsinki and Vantaa were painted for hobby.

According to Kamal, birds are colored probably because when they are released to fly, the owners mistake them for their own. It is also easy to estimate their flying height. According to him, colors made for birds are safe for them.

Ismail Haji, a long-time pigeon fancier, says that the birds can also be dyed with food colouring.

If a tinted pigeon is found in the wild, it should be captured and taken to a local rescue zoo.  A domesticated pigeon cannot survive in the wild.

If a tinted pigeon is found in the wild, it should be captured and taken to a local rescue zoo. A domesticated pigeon cannot survive in the wild. Photo: Reader’s photo

– Usually the color is applied only on the underside of the wings, ie it is visible when the pigeon is flying. Kamal says I don’t know why he has applied color outside also.

Kamal speculates that the pigeons are probably the birds of a pigeon lover living in the capital region.

They say that the pigeons found are high flying pigeons. High-flying pigeons are not carrier or carrier pigeons, but ornamental pigeons of the Iranian breed.

Carrier pigeons have the unique ability to navigate home thousands of kilometers away, says Kamal, but ornamental pigeons do not have this feature. They usually move up and near your home.

For some reason these pigeons have lost their way. If they are hungry, they will not be able to find a home.

The reason for getting lost could be, for example, bad weather. If a low-moving cloud gets in the way of a pigeon’s line of sight, the bird can become lost. A strong wind can also blow the pigeon away from the vicinity of the house.

Carrier pigeons have an identification ring on their leg, but ornamental pigeons don’t have to wear a ring, according to Kamali.

Colored pigeons are not a common occurrence, at least in Finland.

Colored pigeons are not a common occurrence, at least in Finland. Photo: Reader’s photo

Pigeons are also used, for example, at wedding parties and in relay competitions. There has also been speculation about possible parties and weddings for the birds found in Helsinki and Vantaa.

In February, the BBC reported on a pink polo that was found in poor condition in New York’s Central Park.

The dove was painted pink all over. It was suspected to be from a gender reveal party. The idea of ​​a “gender reveal party” is that the expectant parents reveal the baby’s gender to their loved ones with, for example, a cake or confetti. Usually pink represents a girl and light blue a boy.

So the bird probably acted as a surprise to reveal the girl’s gender, after which she was lost in the heart of New York.

Another reason for coloring may be to protect pigeons from birds of prey.

Ismail Haji, who started the pigeon hobby in 2003, says that coloring does not protect pigeons from, for example, hen hawks.

– That’s the kind of thing that’s not true. Yes, the eagle still strikes.

Kamal believes that even if the fan who lost the pigeon had seen this news, he would not have dared to come forward.

Ismail Haji agrees. He says he wrote a strongly worded post to a Facebook group of pigeon fanciers.

– I wrote that there is definitely an owner of birds in this group, but it doesn’t have the backbone to announce that these are my birds.

Haji says that he is almost sure that the owner of the birds is aware of the condition of his birds.

– I don’t know him, but if I did, I would call him and tell him to bring those birds home.

According to Haji, this case brings disrepute to pigeon fanciers.

– It has been a growing issue that many lost birds are found.

According to Haji, the increase in the number of missing birds is mainly due to the fact that the number of birds is also increasing. Newbies may not know when to keep birds indoors, for example because of the weather.

Haji estimates that there are about 200 sightseeing enthusiasts in Finland.

– I think that’s a great thing. There is no problem with hobby. However, the most important thing is to take care of the bird.

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