Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Henry Kissinger wants Ukraine to join NATO: “If I talked to Putin…”


According to longtime diplomat Henry Kissinger, Ukraine should be made a member of NATO as soon as possible in order to guarantee the security of all of Europe.

According to 99-year-old former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, Ukraine should be made a member of NATO as soon as possible.

Kissinger gave his views in an interview given to The Economist magazine.

– From the point of view of European security, it is better that Ukraine is in NATO, where it can no longer make national decisions regarding regional demands, Kissinger states.

Kissinger served as the US Secretary of State from 1973 to 1977. In 1973, the veteran diplomat was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his achievements in peace talks with Vietnam.

Kissinger said in an interview that Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine was an absolutely catastrophic error of judgment on the part of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The mistake of the West was not to accept Ukraine as a member of NATO.

Kissinger says that the outcome of the war should be such that Ukraine remains under the protection of Europe and does not become “an isolated state that only looks after itself.”

– I think what the Europeans are saying now is really dangerous. Because the Europeans say, “We don’t want them in NATO because they’re too risky, so we take them to hell and give them the most advanced weapons.” How could this possibly work? We should not decide (war) wrongly.

IS already reported in December that Kissinger said that a bond should be created between Ukraine and NATO in the peace process. According to him, the solution aimed at neutrality is no longer meaningful.

According to Kissinger, when the war ends, there may already be a new problem. According to him, the end result of the war may be such that neither side of the war is satisfied with it. In his view, it would also be important for Ukraine to be part of NATO.

Kissinger says that in order to achieve lasting peace in Europe, the West needs Ukraine to join NATO to protect the peace. According to him, Europe should also come closer to Russia in order to create a stable eastern border.

– We have now armed Ukraine to the point where it has become the best armed country and the least strategically experienced leadership in Europe. If the war ends as it probably will, with Russia losing most of its gains but keeping Sevastopol – we may have a disgruntled Russia, but also a disgruntled Ukraine – in other words, a bed of discontent. balance.

– If I had to talk to Putin, I would tell him that Ukraine is safe if it is in NATO.

According to Kissinger, China may also accept Ukraine joining NATO, as it does not want to quarrel with the United States. He says that China does not accept the annexation of Russia, but wants Ukraine to remain an independent state.

China is doing this partly because it doesn’t want to get into a fight with the US. As far as they can, they create their own world order.

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