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Hide the dirty floor! 5 Perfectly Quick Ideas For Hair When You Can’t Bear To Wash It


Do your hair need a wash but your schedule doesn’t allow it? With these hairstyles, you can easily hide the dirty floor.

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You probably know the pain: Hair needs to be washed, but there’s neither the time nor the energy to do so. Dry shampoo has certainly been invented, but even that isn’t always enough to save dull-looking hair.

No problem! When hair conditions call for emergency measures, these five easy and quick hairstyles hide your hair’s true condition.

children’s ponytail

Thin pigtails that frame the face are not only super trendy, but also a cute way to avoid washing your hair in the morning. The slightly greasy base really helps the ponytail stay neat all day long.

good bread

A small bun tied at the nape of the neck or at the nape of the neck is a great way to hide the hint of frizz. Even in this hairstyle, a little dirt is desirable: hair that’s been washed a day or two before stays in the bun better and looks shinier.

wet look

If you can’t hide something, you should emphasize it, someone wise once said. The old wisdom holds especially true when it comes to wet look hairstyles. When the hair is smoothed back with gel, one cannot guess that there is hair underneath that needs to be washed.

colored pins

Hiding the front section of hair under colored pins is not only incredibly easy, but also a great way to liven up an everyday outfit. The color of the pin can be matched to a shirt or, for example, a bag. Add as many pins as you want!

half off

A few sprays of dry shampoo and a half-back bun will set hair free in a matter of minutes. If you can still create loose waves at the ends, then you can continue this hairstyle from work to the terrace without any worries.

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