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HS: Sonny kept his personal life a secret for years – then he fell in love with Shirley Karvis and everything changed


Sonny Kurkisuo tells Helsingin Sanomat that he now wants to live an independent life.

In an interview with Helsingin Sanomat, singer Sanni Kurkisuo talked about her career, promotion and her attitude towards publicity.

Sunny came to the public eye in 2012 with the film Miss Farkku-Suomi and released her first single a year later. Despite his young age, Sunny, 29, is celebrating ten years of his career as a solo artist this year.

In an interview with HS, the artist says that at the beginning of his career, publicity was a completely new thing, and young artists weren’t really trained in how to deal with publicity.

Sonny tells the newspaper that, for example, she has been asked about her relationship in interviews, but at first she didn’t want to talk about her personal life.

The singer tells HS that his attitude changed in the Corona year and he wanted to speak publicly apart from music.

– While I myself felt that I wanted to live more openly, I met a man who was shining, open and walking with the energy of life. Everything happened at the right time. We both decided to move on. Sunny told HS, ‘The writing will come from behind, if it has to come.’

The singer told the magazine that she decided not to care about what was written about her. According to his own words, “the plug came off”.

Sonny and host Shirley Carvinen announced their relationship during Pride Week in the summer of 2022. At that point Sunny published lovey pictures with Karveen and confessed his love.

– my love. There is more laughter, adventure and peace in life with you, Sonny wrote.

Karveen also published the same photo collage on her Instagram account.

Thank you for letting me go through this life with you. I love you. Have an amazing Pride week everyone. Let’s celebrate the love we have for each other and above all for ourselves.

Sonny Curcisuo and Shirley Carvinen photographed at the Emma Gala in February 2023.

Sonny Curcisuo and Shirley Carvinen photographed at the Emma Gala in February 2023. Photo: Pete Aarey-Ahtio / IS

However, rumors about the couple’s relationship had been doing the rounds since a year and a half ago, when sneaky photos of them together became public.

“Of course, mentally, I was able to prepare for the fact that when we did go out in public openly together, it would be hours before someone took a picture of us,” Sonny told HS. told.

In February 2023, the couple walked the red carpet of the Emma Gala together. This was their first appearance as a couple at a red carpet event.

– Anyway, when we are together, it’s good to be together, Sunny said in an interview with IS.

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