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In the taste test, 8 new grilled sausages won – a product that is completely different from others


The jury tasted and scored 8 new grilled sausages. There was stiff competition for the prize spot in the top two.

Cheese, Bacon and Chili. These flavors will also appear on sausage shelves this summer, and no wonder: Finns love them.

– Regarding the popularity of cheese sausage, HKScan’s Finnish Marketing Director Mikko Järvinen says, almost everyone likes cheese and it complements the taste of sausage well.

The same is said about the communication of the atria. Cheese also works well with other spices, such as chili or pepper.

According to Järvinen, there has been an increased demand especially for sausages with more pungent flavours.

According to both HKScan and Atria, sausage is the favorite grilled food of Finns. In addition to sausages, the Finns grill vegetables, chicken, and pork.

– It could be said that whenever there is barbecue, sausage is involved, Järvinen says.

Most of the test sausages were seasoned with hot or pungent spices.

Most of the test sausages were seasoned with hot or pungent spices. Photo: Jed Oleikanen

Known for its sausage evaluations, the jury of Akateminen Kiusas-Seura tasted 8 new grilled sausages in Ilta-Sanomi’s taste test.

The test group scored the sausages from 1 to 5, with 5 meaning a particularly good product. The scores were averaged.

Timo Rukolainen (left), Nilo Oriola (right) and Henri Terava sat on board.

Timo Ruokolainen (left), Niilo Oriola (right) and Henri Terava were seated on board. Photo: Jed Oleikanen

When the points were calculated, the top two were only one point apart.

The winner was Karinemi Kannapozha’s Buffalo with a rating of 3.8. Of the test products, the sausage had the most meat and a suitable chew resistance. Especially liked the mass and hotness of the sausage. Makkara was also the only one in the test to receive a full score from an evaluator.

– Not as soft as a B-class sausage, remarked one of the council members.

The victory can be considered surprising because traditionally grilled sausages are made from red meat, not chicken.

HK Makarit Texasin Jo won the silver medal with 3.7 points. Although the red color of the sausage suggested chili, the sausage had only a mild afterburn. One of the judges thought that the sausage pulp was the best in the test. Otherwise, the meaty sausage was described as juicy and fatty.

Lidl’s Grillmaisteri Paparika Emmental climbed up to third place. Cheese was considered tasteless, but it suited everyone. The traditional sausage was considered balanced and enjoyable, but lacking surprises.

Among other sausages, Snellman’s Cheddar was left in place of Jumbo, because one of the judges didn’t like its cheese. Others gave it 3.5 and 4 marks. The chimichurri of Atria Wilhelm Pig & Fig and Poutou, which were left behind, were unlike each other: the first had almost no flavor and the second had too much.

Almost all products contain 2 grams of salt per hundred grams. The highest fat content is in Atria’s Artisan sausage, which ranked fourth, and the lowest in Karinimi’s chicken sausage, which received the highest score.

The prices for the test grilled sausage packages were between a good two and a good four euros. The top two were from the most expensive end of the test.

The people of Rati paid attention to both the flavor and the structure of the sausage.

The people of Rati paid attention to both the flavor and the structure of the sausage. Photo: Jed Oleikanen

It’s a good idea to bring grilled sausages to room temperature at least a half hour to an hour before grilling. Slightly warm meat cooks more evenly than cold sausage.

You can also make cuts on the surface of the sausage. When grilling, the liquid in the sausage boils and steam escapes through the cut. This way the sausage doesn’t split and the result is better. Raw sausages are not cut.

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