Thursday, October 5, 2023

Jukka Jalonen would have liked to stay in Tampere – was denied special permission: “They said no”


Jukka Jalose will become an Honorary Doctor of Sports Sciences on Saturday.


Jukka Jalos has an extraordinary playing day on Saturday when he turns up for the match against Austria at the last minute. Jalonen is going to receive an Honorary Doctorate of Sports Sciences at the University of Jyvaskylä.

Jalonen returns from Jyväskylä by helicopter, as the schedule is tight. The event should end around 14:30 and the Lions game will start at 16:20.

– It’s a shame it’s sports day, but you can’t help it. If you want it, you have to be there, otherwise I would definitely be here at the game. I will come to the game now, but maybe I will have enough time before the match, Jalonen said after the match against Hungary.

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At least on Friday night, Jalonen believed he would be in the Lions’ dugout by the start of Saturday’s game.

– If I’m not, I will be very soon after that. A man is not needed here for war, said Jalonen.

Jalos will miss the match-day meeting because of the publicity, but says he trusts the rest of the coaching team to take care of it.

According to Jalonen, there will be time for the game, leaving the necessary information.

– It would have been a bit silly to be here at the game and then miss the honour. I asked if I could have it even though it wasn’t there and they said no. There was little to go. And then there’s nothing in it, when I still come into play.

On Saturday, Jukka Jalonen will receive an honorary doctorate of sports science.

On Saturday, Jukka Jalonen will receive an honorary doctorate of sports science. Photo: Vesa Moilainen / Lehtikuva

In the Hungary game on Friday, Finland finally opened the goal tap and won 7–1. Jalonen said the Lions overcame difficulties to win.

– The first two rounds were a bit crowded. Too many individual games, Jalonen said.

After two sets, Finland led 2–1, but had five goals in the final set.

Things settled down in the third set and we started playing a little better together, the way we want to play.

The Jalos also saw a series change in the game, when Kasperi Kapanen and Joel Armia switched places. After that, Kapanen played with Kapo Kako and Antti Suomela. Armia’s business friends were Juho Lamikko and Harri Pessonen.

The background was that the game didn’t go well. It got much better in the third, Jalonen said.

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